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  1. Bluedevils_13


  2. Bluedevils_13

    if lidstrom retires?

    This wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so true.
  3. Bluedevils_13

    .BELIEVE / Have faith, etc.

    This is such a challenge the Wings have ahead of them. 3-0 is a huge obstacle to overcome, it seems almost impossible, but these guys have to do it. These guys have proven so much the last couple of years pulling off something like that would be one of the most amazing things ever, cup or no cup. I have faith in them to be able to win any game and overcome any challenge, including this. It is not impossible, i think we have the team to be able to pull it off. I don't care if they win rest of the games scratching and clawing and get away by the skin of their teeth, if they can pull this off it will be incredible. The sharks are going to come pounding game 5, they will seem relentless, but if the Wings can weather the early storm, and keep themselves in the game winning game 5 would be monumental, and it will feel like a new series. If they can get one or two early goals, that would be huge. Like king kong huge.
  4. Bluedevils_13

    100th Greatest All-time NHL Playoff Scorer

    I kind of wish someday they would use Z on the point on he PP, I could see him doing very well. Imagine... Franzen-Datsyuk-Holmstrom Lidstrom-Zetterberg Hudler-Filppula-Cleary Kronwall-Rafalski
  5. Bluedevils_13

    Williams is lacking moxy

    We should just try and confuse the s*** out of everyone and send Lils out there on the PP.
  6. Bluedevils_13

    Nationwide Arena

    Hockeytown hit the nail on the head. Nationwide is the exact opposite of the Joe in pretty much every aspect. There is actually a lot to do around the arena, and you actually feel comfortable sticking around after games. I live about 5 minutes from the arena, I'll probably be riding my bike there on gameday if it's nice out.
  7. Bluedevils_13

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    The sad thing is, they actually did have a segment before about how Rosby can play goalie.
  8. Bluedevils_13

    Bettman might say no to Sochi Olympics

    Gary is saying he doesn't want it for the sake of the business, and for the sake of the fans. Well Gary, most of the fans I know really don't care all that much, if we have a two week break in the season every four years. I think it should be up to the players, if they want it then give it to them. Who is Gary REALLY speaking for?
  9. Bluedevils_13

    Ex Redwing Martin Lapointe now a Chicago Blackhawks

    Then what's the point of mentioning it? If you happen to know something, you're not helping the situation by keeping it a secret anyways.
  10. Bluedevils_13

    Anybody else see this?

    Neither of those guys look like Kopitar. I'm sure this video was so short for a reason. I still get a kick out of seeing our stars doing "regular people stuff" though.
  11. Bluedevils_13

    Team Canada @ Vancouver 2010

    Just announced on NHL network... Brodeur Luongo Fleury Niedermayer© Pronger(A) Boyle Weber Keith Seabrook Doughty Crosby(A) Nash Iginla(A) Thronton Marleau Heatly Perry Richards E.Staal Morrow Bergeron Getzlaf Toews
  12. Bluedevils_13

    12/9 GDT: Blues 1 at Red Wings 0

    I really thin Abdelkader deserves the minutes he's been getting. I think he could do well in front of the net on the PP. I wouldn't mind seeing him on a line with Cleary, but that probably wouldn't help Cleary score. I wonder if the Kings would be willing to trade Frolov, even though they are probably going to make the playoffs. Wings could use another scorer, and he could easily get 30 on the Wings.
  13. Bluedevils_13

    Kevin Weeks comments

    Brooks Orpik
  14. Bluedevils_13

    Rafalski for Giguere? Yes or No?

    Ya, but I have seen Gigueres play drop off considerably , and hardly at all for any of those guys besides Khabibulin or Nabokov. Roloson has been pretty consistent for a while now in my opinion way more than what Mason has shown.
  15. Bluedevils_13

    Rafalski for Giguere? Yes or No?

    There is so much wrong with this post I cant even address all of this right now. But seriously, Giguere a top ten goalie in the league? Come on, his play has dropped considerably since the Conn Smythe. Did you watch any Ducks games last year he was awful. IMO: Luongo Brodeur Thomas Lundqist Vokoun Miller Backstrom Nabokov Khabibulin Roloson Giguere hasnt even been close to touching anyone on that list. I'm pretty sure he came pretty close to even have a losing record last year, ON THE FREAKING DUCKS.