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  1. Grinder_25

  2. McCarty & Claude Lemieux on TSN's OTR

    I heard he said something about Darren's addictions and that he was glad to see him beat it and back in hockey.
  3. McCarty & Claude Lemieux on TSN's OTR

    TSN posts all OTR episodes on their website, so sometime tonight after it airs I'm sure.
  4. McCarty & Claude Lemieux on TSN's OTR

    My link Should be interesting

    Steve picked it up in all 3 cup runs, weather they touch it or not it doesn't mean anything.
  6. Big E's play as of late

    Better having E in the lineup then Lilja
  7. Lilja

    hes the weakest big man in the league, keep him off the rather have lebda, cheli or meech in the linup
  8. Blackhawks' Brian Campbell: "Gutless"

    Times like this i really miss having Dallas Drake on our team, the way he nailed d-men last year in the playoffs. He would have hunted down Campbell next game...
  9. Blackhawks' Brian Campbell: "Gutless"

    If thats what he thinks then he should have been suspended on his hit on Umberger a few years ago when he was with Buffalo.
  10. Wings Hotel in Chicago

    get lost troll
  11. XBox Live Gamertags

  12. PlayStation Network IDs

  13. As he was reporting on the Flames and Blackhawks series. Enjoy!
  14. Rumor: Scott Clemmenson to Detroit?

    Hopefully he keeps his Carnage mask
  15. XBox Live Gamertags

    Gamertag = ScrewAttack1