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  1. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Reality is that I'm disappointed with Veleno's production BUT, having watched the games I know it's insanely dumb to talk about how he's being "outperformed" by players who have 1 or 2 more points.
  2. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    God forbid anyone watch the games and make informed judgements. Oh well. Reminds me why I haven't posted here for years..
  3. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    SHL is arguably better than AHL, it's definitely a different challenge and lower scoring. I think you are jumping through hoops to make Veleno's performance seem worse than it is. A lot of those guys are actually in their 3rd pro season, and even those who are only in their 2nd pro season are better adapted to big ice and the SHL style of hockey. Whatever.. I guess if Veleno has a few lucky bounces and gets some secondary assists, he's suddenly "dominating" lol..
  4. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    You said undrafted. Definitely don't think it's realistic to assume Veleno should dominate high-end draft picks that project as potential all-stars. Even if he's a little older. In terms of pro experience, Veleno isn't really more experienced than most of those names, and he's on by far the worst team of any of them. As someone who has actually watched all those guys play this year I wouldn't say Veleno is being outperformed by most. It's not as easy as "1 point more"= much better performance overall. edit: keep in mind the only player who is really "dominating" on the scoresheet (among forwards) is Berggren. And if Berggren keeps his production up it'll be one of the best U21 seasons in SHL history. If that's your baseline expectation for a prospect we're hoping to get a 2nd line center from, I'm not sure what to say. Pretty much all the other guys are close enough that 3-4 games of going cold/hot can completely change how their production looks.
  5. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Eklund? He's gonna be a top 10 pick.
  6. dat's sick

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    More clips of Wings prospects in europe on that twitter account. Berggren, Raymond, Seider mostly.
  7. dat's sick

    dat's sick

  8. dat's sick

    10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

    There are forced nicknames that I'm not a fan of at all (or things like Goose that come from a bad pronounciation of Nyquist's name). Then there are the vast majority of nicknames that just make sense to use. Z. Pav/Dats. Gordie. Danny. Mike/Babs. Nicknames are very much part of real life and not something that only happens in sports. And I gotta say that I never imagined us being 9 games into the season with one of the biggest issues about the team being whether to say Nestrasil or Nesty. I thought for sure we'd talk about why Daniel Cleary is still in the lineup or why we re-signed Kyle Quincey.
  9. dat's sick

    10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

    Nesty comes from Babcock himself... But I guess nicknames = serious business.
  10. dat's sick

    10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

    I wasn't really talking about Nestrasil being compared to Franzen, or Nyquist. Just the casual "why is Nestrasil in the lineup" comments that pop up pretty often. Or saying we should waive him, when Jurco is not impressing at all and we can send him down. Nestrasil is very new to the NHL. If he is starting out on this level and can add a bit of confidence when it comes to his offensive game, he will be a very solid player. He's not a defensive liability at all and he seems to be just quietly doing a good job regardless of situation. I can understand why he's not impressive to a lot of people, but he's been solid and he has earned the icetime he's getting. Trotz gave a lot of credit to the Wings and most of all Dats and Z. He knows them well from his time in Nashville.
  11. dat's sick

    10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

    I guess when there's nothing much to complain about people will pick on a guy like Nestrasil for no reason. The guy is hardly making any mistakes on the ice. He's hard on the puck, good on the forecheck, makes great decisions defensively, stays calm under pressure.. reminds me a little bit of Sheahan who also isn't as flashy as Tatar and Nyquist but just does a lot of good things. Easy to see why Babcock has kept Nesty in the lineup. He just needs confidence. He's had chances, I could see him really benefit from getting a goal.
  12. dat's sick

    Chara out 4-6 weeks with knee injury

    Not good for them. Their defence already looked downgraded. Long season though, I'm sure they'll be fine in the long run.
  13. dat's sick

    Franzen to 7-day IR

    Nah, they would have Cleary or Weiss go on IR. Franzen is needed, we can't have him out for no reason when we struggle to score goals as it is.
  14. dat's sick

    Pavel Datsyuk update?

    Nestrasil is doing a lot of things right. He's heavy on the puck, making nice plays defensively, and he's had some good looks offensively but hasn't gotten anything to go in. If I'm the coach I'm icing the team that has the best chance of getting me wins, not playing a guy to "get him going".
  15. dat's sick

    10/18 GDT - Maple Leafs 0 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

    Maybe if Helm was the kind of piece that would land us a top pairing d-man I would consider it. But I think he is more valuable to us than he is in a trade. We always seem to be a much better team when he's playing than when he isn't. I guess if Buffalo for example would give us Myers ONLY if they get Helm I wouldn't say no, but we know everyone wants guys like Nyquist/Mantha/Jurco.