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    SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    i have always liked marty. he plays with some grit and scores some goals. i am not sure what his price is these days but when he left for boston, they way overpaid him.
  2. rwfan007

    Official FA thread

    instead of there being 58 zillion different topics for each signing or potential signing, lets keep them all in one thread. will that work or is this a bad idea?
  3. rwfan007

    It's time for a change

    The winged wheel IS the red wings. changing that would be like changing the Chevy logo.... it is the defining aspect and a widely recognized symbol that is liked with detroit and more recently.... winning. The wheel should not be changed. Adding a black alternate jersey would be fine, but dont mess with the winged wheel.
  4. rwfan007

    book titles you'll never see...

    "My Book" - D Mac
  5. rwfan007

    book titles you'll never see...

    "Beauty Secrets Volume II" - Mike Illitch
  6. rwfan007

    book titles you'll never see...

    "The Art of Punishing Hits" - our beloved Nikky Lidstrom
  7. rwfan007

    book titles you'll never see...

    "Skating, Defense, and You!" Robert Lang
  8. rwfan007

    who to look for

    The Grifs are coming to play an exhibition game at the rink where I work. I was wondering if anyone had any info on what players should be playing and who to take note of. thanks for the help.
  9. rwfan007

    who to look for

    Grifs win 4-3 with Keller, Kopecky, Martens scored, and Helmer scored on a penalty shot. It was a good game, the Grifs started a little slow but finished well. Hudler and Bootland were scratches and didn't play...which sucked...I wanted to see them play. o well...good game and a grifs win (oh yeah, I got Jimmy Paek's autograph.)