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  1. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    Miguel Cabrera has won the Triple Crown! Congrats Cabby on a historic season! Time to tack on the MVP as well!
  2. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    With Trout going 1-5 (.324) and Mauer going hitless (.320), Cabrera (.331) should know what Hamilton does by the time the Tigers start their game.
  3. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    lol yeah, I bet JV is fuming after last start and the Sox better watch out, because I think the MVP is going to show up again today.
  4. rwfan007

    Ryan Suter agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    Weber won't sign an offer sheet. If he does, NSH said they will match it and he will be stuck there. He is going to wait til UFA next year to get his money.
  5. rwfan007

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    well, if Pit is out on Parise, then wouldn't that leave the Wings and the Wild as the only other real options?
  6. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    Just got home from my little weekend trip to Detroit and Ohio, was fortunate enough to be at the JV game on Friday... absolutely electric! Wow, seeing that beast pitch in person is truly incredible.
  7. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    How in the world does Jim keep putting Raburn in the lineup? and at 6th?!? Time to take old yeller back behind the barn. He doesn't have it this year. He is a rally killer, every time he gets up he strands everybody on base, leaving the rest of the lineup scrambling to clean up his mess. Call up that Patterson kid from Toledo, he is at least hovering close to .300. Raburn is at a hearty .128
  8. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    So who still wants to keep Rabum in the lineup? Anyone? In the 30 games the Tigers have played, he has a total of 10 hits... hm. I think he has earned a trip to Erie. He isn't good enough for Toledo.
  9. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    I will just let Raburn's play speak for itself here (2-22 now)... I did think it was great that Cabby made the grounds crew re-chalk the whole batters box. Scherzer was pretty good today with 11 Ks, Delmon looked as lost as a hooker in church in left today, but he did hit the homer. Pretty quiet day otherwise from everyone else.
  10. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    anyone still on the Raburn bandwagon? He is worthless. Can't field, can't hit. He is a whopping 2-19 and that is a very impressive .105 AVG. He is choking worse than ever. We should have kept Clete and designated Raburn for assignment. I will give him another week or so before I really start ripping into him, but right now he is not contributing in any way shape or form.
  11. rwfan007

    Shea Weber fined for Zetterberg "headslam"

    I think somebody is going to learn the meaning of "Kronwalled" tomorrow. This is a disgrace. A deliberate face smash into the glass is not a suspendable act? Weber definitely has a target on his back, and hopefully that will make him a little jumpy next game and throw him off.
  12. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    Inge hit .289 when he came back up and .318 in the playoffs. In September alone he hit .324. He was hurt all last year by his wrist and mono, but when he came back, he tore the cover off the ball.
  13. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    At least Inge can catch the damn ball. Raburn will never be a consistent player. Brandon won't hit .270, but he is clutch when it matters. 2 of his 3 homers last season were walk-offs. He struck the ball well this spring and is infinitely better with the glove than Raburn will ever be. Raburn booted the ball playing in left today too, so he has no natural position in the field. He is hitting like 2-12 this year... which is a .167 average and 4 Ks. Spring numbers don't mean s*** when it comes the the regular season. Jhonny drove in 0 runs last spring and everyone wrote him off... until he drove in 80+ in the regular season. Jim has some kind of hard-on for Raburn when Santiago should be playing in his place. Just keep Raburn off the damn infield, I am fed up with him costing us outs and runs.
  14. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    Raburn is pissing me off. He has misplayed 4 balls in 2 games by my count, and most of those cost us extra outs/runs. He needs to stay off the field. Year after year we see him boot everything. Put Santiago in the lineup and sit Raburn the heck down. He isn't hitting, so stay away from him.
  15. rwfan007

    2012 Baseball thread

    You can just tell that Prince and Cabby have a "anything you can do, I can do better" relationship. One will not let the other one out-perform him lol. They look like good buddies, and that relationship should translate into quite the power display this year. Gunna be fun to watch.