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  1. i'm rooting for the hawks. lived in chicago for a while and they're due. wouldn't mind seeing hossa lift it, either. but really, i just hope to god some team knocks the penguins out. if they win it again i'll be inconsolable. i love they're cakewalk to the finals every year. i hate that ******* team.
  2. one goal games are the kinds of games that the team with the most heart wins. it doesn't take a whole lotta heart to win a game 7-1. to lose 4 games of 5 by one goal is evidence of lack of heart, not evidence of an abundance of heart imho. this team prides itself on being even-keeled. i'm tired of even-keeled. i want some ******* passion.
  3. it's time for this team to make some changes. everyone knows kenny won't do much. but he should. i'm so sick of this sloppy play in our end. we give the puck away more than any team i see. we lose battles along the boards more than any other team. we're terrible in faceoffs all of a sudden. we lack heart!!! same thing happened in the finals last year. we played a team that simply wanted it more. that's unacceptable. we need some new blood! SHAKE IT UP KENNY!
  4. wings are bar none the sloppiest ******* team in the playoffs. f*** RAFALSKI! take care of puck. jesus
  5. WHAT THE f*** IS WRONG WITH THESE ******* REFS!!!!!!!!!!
  6. are people still glad we kept franzen in stead of going after hossa?
  7. even if they win on tuesday, i can't see them going far. they simply don't have the desire or discipline to out-work the other team. this is the sloppiest ******* team in the playoffs. i can't even count how many failed clears and coughed up pucks we've had in our zone or in the neutral zone this series. it's ******* pathetic. they look like they're ready to go home.
  8. well, the wings sure showed the cayotes. this team's playing like a ******* joke.
  9. jesus. sloppy sloppy sloppy. this is the sloppiest ******* team in the playoffs. is that coaching? laziness? pure bone-headedness? i don't know. i love how the 28th ranked powerplay is tearing us up. the wings ******* love to make things hard on themselves, that's for sure.
  10. it's the playoffs, so it must be time for dats to pull his disappearing act. wings looked ******* lousy today. reminded me of the finals last year. their desire didn't come close to matching the cayotes'. oh well. hopefully babcock gets them going before next game. another effort like this one and it's lights out.
  11. i'm so ******* pissed
  12. versus cutting off half the ******* game to show chicago??? what the f***!?!?!?!!
  13. pretty sad when a team that's already out of the playoff race wants to win more than a team still fighting for a playoff spot. wings showed their true colors, yet again. PATHETIC!!!! worst team in the nhl, a goalie whose never won an game in the nhl, wings come out sucking their thumbs. in-*******-excusable. guess they shouldn't have spent the last three ******* days on vacation in whatever resort town they were in in b.c.! get a clue babcock! this team needs to work!!!!!!
  14. awesome game! wings stepped it up for a change, really controlled the play for most of the game. if not for a key lilja turnover and a few posts, this would have been a blowout. first sign of optimism for me in a long time. looked good! three-game winning streak!!!!!