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  1. There are about 37 Russian players in the NHL, some of them are top talent: Dats, Ovi, Malkin, Kovy and many others, so if out of 37 players 5 players have somewhat questionable work ethics - it's easy to call rest of them "lazy", however it's not always true and if you take any nation and look at their players with questionable work ethics you will probably get the same percentage (US, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic); but as far as Russians - they've had some vivid examples: Yashin, Kovalev, Radulov, etc. Would you call Kovalchuk lazy? He is always in top 10 point-wise, had a decent run in the playoffs, but few years back everyone was taling that he is extremely selfish and lazy. I personally would be thrilled to have Semin; I think the whole Red Wings team mentality and dynamics, in addition to Dats influence would make him extremely good player for us. Hey, and remember many of you called Dats playoff bust a few years ago?
  2. Video after the crash...
  3. Tampa were outplayed in both games imho, but got both wins. If caps can capitalize they'll win the series.
  4. VAN/CHI: 4-2 SJS/LAK: 4-1 DET/PHX: 4-1 ANA/NSH: 4-3 WAS/NYR: 4-2 PHI/BUF: 4-1 BOS/MTL: 4-2 PIT/TBL: 4-2 WC Champion: DET EC Champion: WAS SCF Champion: WAS
  5. Another good one Adam Deadmarsh
  6. Zelepukin is great! Especially knowing the translation which is nice way of saying green fart.
  7. SJS will realize that Nabokov wasn't their problem in the playoffs, they'll be worse without him.
  8. I have to agree that Sokolova isn't hot at all. I wouldn't even say she is pretty compared to some other Russian choices he would have.
  9. Does anyone do CBS leagues? I'd be very interested.
  10. Could not resist! Must watch!
  11. What kind of picture Afinogenov then suppose to have PS - I read somewhere Ovie said it the "devil in lamb's skin". Kinda cool!
  12. I like Ovechkin's skates!
  13. I hope the humiliation will be much greater than in Torino
  14. Some observations: Some people somehow like Russia for some reasons and somehow dislike Canada for other (crosby) reasons.