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  2. shannyfan1414

    Howe compliments Ovechkin

    I have had the chance to watch him play twic live. He is so much fun to watch. You can see the true love he has for the game. I think the best part about him is that he is willing to hit as well as take a hit. He is my favorite non wing hands down. I really hope i can get to the joe saturday to watch him.
  3. shannyfan1414

    Shanahan parts ways with Devils

    Oh such a great commercial!!!!!!! Was always a big fan of his and i will miss watching him play. As many have already said, it is about that time for him and i hope that he stays involved in the league and helps to get it on the correct path.
  4. shannyfan1414

    Weekend Picks

    Friday Florida vs Chicago St. Louis vs Detroit Philadelphia vs Carolina NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Saturday Chicago vs Florida Vancouver vs Colorado Detroit vs St. Louis Carolina vs Boston Montreal vs Buffalo Philadelphia vs New Jersey Pittsburgh vs NY Islanders Ottawa vs NY Rangers Toronto vs Washington Tampa Bay vs Atlanta Minnesota vs Columbus Nashville vs Dallas Calgary vs Edmonton San Jose vs Anaheim Phoenix vs Los Angeles
  5. shannyfan1414

    Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    You hit the nail right on the head sir. Still no panic from me yet. I know our boys can play better at the Joe and Babs can get the match ups he wants. Hopefully Dats will be back on Saturday and that will help get some life back into our D. It also won't hurt to be able to have him to help with Malkin and or Crosby. All is good no body freak out. Oh yeah, Crosby still sucks and is a cry baby!!! Sorry i couldn't help myself. Go Wings!!!!!
  6. shannyfan1414

    I offically ban Sidney Crosby.

    Why the hate for number 86? I understand hating 87 and i will never allow it in my house but what did 86 ever do to you?
  7. shannyfan1414

    Extreme smack a penguin

    Thats sweet. I love the extreme version.
  8. shannyfan1414

    Pens Boards, (merged)

    Those pens boards are pretty funny. They way that they are whine about us having a different set of rules. I guess they are just use to seeing the imaginary calls that Crosby gets. Not to mention Malkin getting out of the suspension he should have got. I'm glad they are not forcing him to sit. This way we don't have to hear them complain about not having Malkin when we win. The pic board of anti Detroit pics is a joke. At least we have creative people on our site that make some of the greatest pics i have ever seen. Then there is the lack of knowledge on the rules of the game and the game it self. What a bunch of idiots. Oh well. I'm sure when they look at our site they think the same things. Here is my favorite post on their anti Detroit pic page Not sure how winning the award for best defensive forward we be failing. Nice try though pens fans
  9. shannyfan1414

    Best places to watch the SCF in Vegas

    Good luck finding the games. It might be easier then when i was there last time since this will be the finals. I think that the best place will be at the sports books. I would try the one at the Palms. Young crowd and they are hosting the NHL awards this year so i feel like they like hockey there. The Hard Rock could be another good sports book to hit up. Again it tends to be a younger crowd that is a little more fun loving. The Las Vegas Hilton is another decent sport book that could be fun to watch the games at. When i was there in January, we hit up a sports book and they didn't have any hockey on. We asked if they could put the Wings game on and they looked at us like we were crazy. The bar tender then said, You know you are in the desert don't you? He eventually put the game on for us but every 10 min a different bar tender would walk up, look at the TV and go why is hockey on? They would then try and change it and we would ask them to put it back on. They did but it was really annoying. Most people will say that the Mandalay Bay sports book is the best place to watch any sporting event. From my experience it blows. Just not a fun place. Great Casino but crappy sport book. I'm not sure if they have an ESPN Zone, I think that there is one in New York New York, but that might be the best BAR to watch the games. They have a ton of big screens in that place and normally have big games on their. Hope that they don't play at the same time as NBA games. Those will probably take priority in the desert over hockey. Enjoy your trip. I love Vegas and i wish i could get out there soon. Let us know if you have any luck finding the games out there.
  10. shannyfan1414

    Stanley Cup Final Bracket Wallpaper NOW AVAILABLE!

    So nice!!!! Thanks Matt!
  11. shannyfan1414

    Smack a Penguin!

    322.9 im happy now
  12. shannyfan1414

    Smack a Penguin!

    Damn you. I didn't refresh before posting.
  13. shannyfan1414

    Smack a Penguin!

    320.4 who can beat it?