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  1. if i'm not mistaken, i think zetterberg intially wore #15 also.
  2. Congrats to Pens! Wish the Wings could have pulled it but it was just not to be. I like seeing the old guys when a team wins the cup. Congrats Billy Guerin! Go Wings! 09-10!!
  3. People...relax. Game 7 at home, these guys will show up and crush Pittsburgh. Bank it.
  4. Hey I live in Westminster, was raised in Bmore tho. Anyways I don't go out to watch games to often but I know a place in Baltimore called Fletchers which has the games and awesome food and drink specials nightly! But yeah I have a bar in my basement with free drinks and HDTV so I kinda go with that even tho I would like to watch and drink and curse the refs with other Wings fans. Oh well, Go Wings!!!
  5. Yes he does! I watch the Orioles every night. I loved him from his ESPN days and was glad when he started broadcasting the Orioles. I like Doc a lot also especially during exciting moments, his " hit the post with the shot" and "(insert players name) with a driiive!" are great!
  6. I love Kron the Destroyer!!! 2 goals is nothing to overcome. Go Wings!!!
  7. 81 is the obvious choice, which is cool! i think 8 would be nice also...either way this is a huge signing! I am stoked to see Hoss in a Winged Wheel!!!!!!!! remember Igor Larionov? man i loved to watch him play!
  8. Kronwall the Destroyer!! he is becoming one of my favorite players! i like the tandem of Kron and Stu AKA the Hunters!
  9. total BS!!
  10. that was my first thought!!!! yikes!
  11. will Grigs have to give up 21 when the Wings sign Forsberg????
  12. i wouldn't mind Horcoff at all but i doubt this means anything other than Horcoff being in the area and wanted to get his skate on.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-HOCKEY-COLLECTOR-...1QQcmdZViewItem too bad the shirt is xxl or i would have bought it.
  14. that was my very first thought after reading it...you can scratch them from the list.