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  1. Homer wear #15

    if i'm not mistaken, i think zetterberg intially wore #15 also.
  2. Congrats Pens, Good Season Wings...

    Congrats to Pens! Wish the Wings could have pulled it but it was just not to be. I like seeing the old guys when a team wins the cup. Congrats Billy Guerin! Go Wings! 09-10!!
  3. Bench Rafalski

    People...relax. Game 7 at home, these guys will show up and crush Pittsburgh. Bank it.

    Hey I live in Westminster, was raised in Bmore tho. Anyways I don't go out to watch games to often but I know a place in Baltimore called Fletchers which has the games and awesome food and drink specials nightly! But yeah I have a bar in my basement with free drinks and HDTV so I kinda go with that even tho I would like to watch and drink and curse the refs with other Wings fans. Oh well, Go Wings!!!
  5. Olczyk - biased analyst

    Yes he does! I watch the Orioles every night. I loved him from his ESPN days and was glad when he started broadcasting the Orioles. I like Doc a lot also especially during exciting moments, his " hit the post with the shot" and "(insert players name) with a driiive!" are great!
  6. WCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 4 (OT)

    I love Kron the Destroyer!!! 2 goals is nothing to overcome. Go Wings!!!
  7. a little fun - WHAT NUMBER?

    81 is the obvious choice, which is cool! i think 8 would be nice also...either way this is a huge signing! I am stoked to see Hoss in a Winged Wheel!!!!!!!! remember Igor Larionov? man i loved to watch him play!
  8. Kronwall Decking People

    Kronwall the Destroyer!! he is becoming one of my favorite players! i like the tandem of Kron and Stu AKA the Hunters!
  9. 10/20 GDT: Red Wings 5, Phoenix Coyotes 2

    total BS!!
  10. LOOK its everyones favorite ex-wing!

    that was my first thought!!!! yikes!
  11. New Wings Numbers

    will Grigs have to give up 21 when the Wings sign Forsberg????
  12. Horcoff practices with Wings

    i wouldn't mind Horcoff at all but i doubt this means anything other than Horcoff being in the area and wanted to get his skate on.
  13. Russian 5 shirt

    http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-HOCKEY-COLLECTOR-...1QQcmdZViewItem too bad the shirt is xxl or i would have bought it.
  14. Forsberg

    that was my very first thought after reading it...you can scratch them from the list.