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  1. fightfan24

    Greg Amadio Fight Clip

    Sketchie but during a line scrum Howard was invited to dance and accepted. He landed some rights and landed on top -- victory.... I'll check the fights sites for a clip. Laters.
  2. fightfan24

    Griffins Fight Clips

    Thanks Hatch! I can't go the rapidshare way either -- my spyware and other security goes bonkers -- like Kate Beckinsale with a chastity belt I move on to the next... unless it is Chastity Bono... then I run away.
  3. fightfan24

    Another Goalie Poll

    If it is guaranteed why not bring back Corrado Micalef for the min and sign a couple heavyweights for entertainment? Why not just ask who do you like better Legace or Osgood?
  4. fightfan24

    Who Do you want to play in the first Round

    Works for me! I just remember in '95 everybody rooted for the Devils to advance to the finals vs. Detroit, during introductions at game one the fans reply out loud to every Devil introduced was "Who Cares!". New Jersey swept us. Thats why I say don't worry about the opposition -- worry about your own team...
  5. fightfan24

    trade proposal ...listen up kenny! lol

    Osgood sucks because he gave up a long OT goal in a playoff season in which they won a Stanley Cup! Every goalie (even the ones that do not suck) gets burned once in awhile. These trade threads are so funny my face hurts from laughing -- stop it please! I have more work to do...
  6. fightfan24

    Who Do you want to play in the first Round

    "Never pick your poison" -- Mickey Redmond
  7. fightfan24

    Wing-Nut! Foam Hat

    Just give it to him and enjoy everyone laughing at him...
  8. fightfan24


    By the way are you thinking of SIARHEI KOLASAU?
  9. fightfan24


    Gee at 187/202 he is almost as "bulky" as 5'10" 186 lb. Kris Draper... Sounds more like Max Kuznetsov Mk. II --
  10. fightfan24

    Jimmy Howard

    I see no need to shop for a goalie this summer and feel Howard has a better chance than some think at taking over the number one slot. Looks like Ken Dryden to me...
  11. fightfan24

    Most Annoying NHL Fans

    Blues fan -- they get completely wasted and after Detroit wins they cry and want to fight -- "We can't ever beat Detroit! Hey you! Lady! Want to fight?"...
  12. fightfan24

    Next Captain

    Gee we haven't had one of these in a few weeks...
  13. fightfan24

    Eklund Rumors Galore!

    No more Ek now right?!? Hooray!
  14. fightfan24

    Kirby Puckett Dies

    What a ballplayer and good guy off the field. RIP Kirb.
  15. fightfan24


    Eklund Rumor: FF24 is dating Kate Beckinsale... (C'mon Ek, be right!).