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  2. Darrell

    Big Snake?

    From what I heard, the two guys landed on the ice together. They got Big Snake untangled first, and at the time the pic was taken I'd guess Big Snake popped up first and Emmerson shortly afterward. Considering he fought a guy 8 inches taller than him, and did it to stop incessant goading, I am very encouraged by this. Big Snake and Herring seem to be the two hired guns for camp/exhibition season, but Big Snake I think might actually have a shot at a contract. He has the willingness, and even skated on the first line some according to Lindy's box score. We need Big Snake to pop in a few goals and really prove he is more than a fighter. In my mind, Big Snake has 2 fights, but Herring has 1 goal. That would give the initial edge to Herring, but Big Snake was skating on that first line for a reason. Either to protect, or because he showed enough speed to keep up with the 1st liners and also give them a little breathing room.
  3. Darrell

    All-Time Hardest Shot

    For sheer power, give me the Wild Thing, Al Iafrate. MacInnis is just underneath him and wasn't as injury prone. I can't comment on Bobby Hull and Redmond, never saw either play. I know Bobby had a monster cannon, but also played with sticks which would be illegal nowadays. My List Iafrate MacInnis Bobby Hull Brett Hull Sergei Fedorov Mickey Redmond
  4. Darrell

    Tomas Kopecky gets punked

    I posted on this on RWC a long time ago, and was told the reason for the hot dogging was because both teams were doing it to each other after goals/saves. It wasn't a normal Kopecky reaction