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  1. Your possible first round upsets?

    Being an Avs fan i think it will be an upset, I don't have a good feeling about this one, especially because of the boring trap the Wild play and the Avs frankly haven't done crap against Backstrom everytime he's been in net. I do hope the Avs win because I'd love another Wings Avs series (its just been too long since these teams have met in the playoffs).
  2. Officials have been named

    My understanding is Mick McGeough retired after the regular season this year. oh btw Yay!!!!
  3. Expand the playoff tournament?

    I agree, just look at the past when the Wings and Avs played in the conference finals they should have been playing for the cup and not to get to the cup finals. Clearly they were the 2 best teams in the league those years.
  4. Expand the playoff tournament?

    The other bad part about adding teams would be that you'd have to add too many teams in order to get the mathmatics to work so you wouldn't have an odd number of teams at the end of any round. For example you'd have to add 8 teams if you gave the top four seeds in each conference a 1st round bye, just so you could have 16 teams left for the second round. And for every one less team getting a bye you'd have to add 2 more teams. *read the article after I posted this, so didn't realize he had an idea for only adding a couple of teams, even though I think his idea is stupid because if any teams should get byes it should only be a few top seeds not the top six in each conference.
  5. Expand the playoff tournament?

    I think if they did decide to add more teams to the playoffs they should definitely shorten the regular season so that the Cup finals would still end by early june.
  6. Edmonton Oilers

    I'm not so much against getting the 2 points for a shoot out win as I am against 3 point games. If you take out all the OT or SO losses this is how the standings would look: Det 100 SJ 90 MN 80 Ana 86 Dal 84 Col 80 Cal 78 Edm 78 Van 76
  7. patrick roy and son suspended

    While I loved what Patrick brought to the Avs on the ice, I've always been ashamed of his off ice behavior. This action by him and his son was uncalled for. Personally they both should have been suspended longer because this is the exact same mentality from coach and player that lead to Bertuzzi/Moore types of incidents.
  8. Active Hall of Fame players

    I think Sakic would be a lock, since I didn't see him on your list anywhere.
  9. Odds are we'll be playing one of these 4 teams...

    Obviously you haven't been paying attention to Theo's stats for the last couple months.
  10. Top 10 of 1989

    Hey its a start. Seriously GMR, I know you probably could care less, especially coming from me, but I have to give you props because all the posts I've seen form you lately have still carried your own opinions but you've been so much more respectful doing it, especially when it comes to Avs stuff. Thanks, I appreciate it, even though I still know you hate them.
  11. The "NHL is Messed Up Because..."

    Ya that would be a good one. It'd be nice if the top GAA in the league were 3.50 instead of sub to low 2.00 GAA.
  12. The "NHL is Messed Up Because..."

    Inconsistant punishments (ie Pronger stomp vs Simon stomp), and inconsistant officiating. Oh and ticket prices, because the true NHL fans are most often priced right out of attending the game they love.
  13. Who do we WANT to play in the first round?

    Ya but its not like they'd be able to score on you much either. The Wings are good at getting lots of shots and that would be enough to score on Luongo even if he plays on his head. Even the Avs are 3-2 against him this year and have scored 16 goals against him, so you should have no problems.
  14. 1st round potential matchups

    The Avs could be a dangerous matchup for you in the first round IF they can get healthy. Especially the way Theo has been playing as of late. He's been looking like the Theo from Montreal.
  15. Homer Out, Lids probable

    Its good to hear Lidstrom will be back