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  1. looks like detroit would get the worst of this deal
  2. no thanks to hasek.....
  3. i want a zetterberg autograph
  4. i like franzenstein....its pretty cool
  5. i would love to get a copy of some games
  6. i think jim rome has his own radio show in det.....he likes the city, the people and the sports
  7. yea, john sally is a faget
  8. yea.....he will be in det right away
  9. by the way hudler is still leading the ahl in scorings........ there's still about 15:00 left in the third in the syracuse game. but in 10 and 2/3 games he has 12g and 12a http://stats.theahl.com/stats/statdisplay....ype=top_scorers
  10. i like 2 Grinders and a Hero
  11. id spent 102.50 to get it.......
  12. i would definitly be happy with a dats havlat trade!!!
  13. thats a pretty bold statement, im not so sure about that considering that the griffins are streaky and so is hudler
  14. hes leadin the league in scorin with a game in hand on the next dude http://ahl.leaguestat.com/stats/statdispla...ype=top_scorers