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  2. BigTex

    2012 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - February 27th, 3:00 PM ET

    Do you know what they're giving up to get him? Hopefully something they'll miss dearly.
  3. That sure is a lot of conditions for a 7th round pick. Especially considering the Lighting are 6 pts out of the last playoff spot. So we pretty much were just clearing the contract and a roster spot. I really hope this means we're bringing in another forward. Maybe Nash will be playing in Columbus tomorrow wearing RED.
  4. BigTex

    Maybe it's Homer that gets sent down?

    Thanks BHWF, I appreciate you coming to my defense. Worst threaad ever? Maybe, but at least nobody flamed me personally, so at least that's a positive. LOL. I was really more interested in if anyone had seen him play yet this preseason. I've heard so much about everyone else on the team, but nothing at all about Homer. If he's about where he was at the end of last season then probably he'll be with the big club. Just curious if maybe he's experienced any type of decline in his play over the summer. Usually you see articles about everyone on the whole team by now, the lack of a single one about Homer is just plain wierd to me.
  5. I know it's early in the preseason, but looking at where Homer has been placed it's obvious he's going to be a 4th liner/power play guy if he makes the team. I haven't heard much about him, good or bad. I'm looking for info from anyone who has seen him play this year, how has he looked so far? Do the Wings maybe send him down to GR to start the season to avoid losing one of the younger guys? Babs said the best players would make the team, so far he might be getting outplayed and not make the top group of forwards. Not sure, just wanting opinions on what's been seen so far.
  6. BigTex

    Matt Bradley on Alexander Semin

    Thank God for this story, something to actually talk about while waiting for camp to begin.
  7. BigTex

    Weber Arbitration hearing...

    Let's just cross our collective fingers and hope that Nashville has a REALLY crappy season this year and watch how the situation between Weber and the team deteriorates slowly as the losses pile up. Hey, I can dream. Maybe he'd be available at the deadline kind of like Kovy was. ATL was still in the playoff hunt, but traded him because they couldn't get him signed. Start submitting your wish list for players and prospects to give up along with the 2 #1 draft choices for the next few years.....
  8. BigTex

    WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Clearing out Draper, Fil, and Homer would sure free up some useful cap space. Could we get an impact player for that much? And can someone please remind Franzen that he has a pair. Shxt, he was this huge warrior first round and now he won't even go to the net. Season's over, good riddance.
  9. BigTex

    Modano a healthy scratch

    Depth, it's a great problem to have right now. We'll need it if we go deep in the playoffs. Plus is gives us something to talk about to keep our mind off the wait until next game. Damn, it's so easy to love these Wings.
  10. BigTex

    Black Aces Announced

    Sergei Kolosov has been a black ace in years past but not now. Is he hurt or has that many defensemen passed him by?
  11. BigTex

    Zetteberg and Datsyuk no longer on the same line

    Well, maybe we'll get to see some Janik tonight. Then I guess we'll really find out just how "terrible" Ericsson and Kindl really have been and what our options are to replace them. If Dougie is rock solid on the third pairing and provides some stability he might be seeing some extra time at the end of the season. Or we could see how the Wings have pretty much no other alternative to who we're using and we're stuck with it. With Big E being a FA at the end of the year he's not really building himself a big payday here.
  12. BigTex

    Lidstrom a +1 for the Season

    I would think in order to win the Norris you would have to at least be a plus player. It seems like the Norris anymore is just a Richard trophy for defensemen. +/- IMO seems like it's more about sound decision making than it is being a shutdown defender. As long as you're solid in your own end and don't give up any great scoring chances, no horribly bad turnovers, then your +/- should be at least average or even. The fact that Lids is going up against the opponent's top line every game should give the guy a little extra leeway compared to Rafi as well (for that discussion). Being second pairing you don't see the Getzlaf's of the world as often.
  13. BigTex

    Could the Coyotes get best record in the West?

    I just hope we move up in the standings as they do. I would really rather face a SJ (choking right now) or Chicago (injuries starting to hit them). A friend of mine here (Austin, TX) is a Hawks fan and I've had to hear it from him all season. How you like dem apples?
  14. I hadn't noticed it until I looked at the points. they're fourth because they're in SJ's division, but now they're only 3 points behind the Sharks and one behind the Hawks. The way those teams have played they really opened the door. They've been playing really well and have a great mix of vets and young guys. That would certainly be something if they could do it. This is why I love sports.
  15. BigTex

    Wow... this forum feels... awkward

    I just had to post and see what it looks like. I'm sure things will come around soon enough. At least the board is back up. That's way more than I could ever do with a website.