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  1. Red Wings visit the White House

    Door Man, I'm extremely jealous....not only do you get to meet the Wings and see the Cup in person, you get to see the President of the United States of America and visit the White House! I haven't watched the video yet, but read the transcript. It sounds like it was a great ceremony. What I think will be cool is if George W and his dad show up sometime in the playoffs (if we make it) wearing their jerseys!! I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see it since he used to own the Rangers and seems to be a fairly down to earth guy......Imagine how great it'd be to brag about having two former presidents and Kristen Bell as Red Wings fans!!
  2. Hossa made surprising choice to land in Detroit, but...

    I was as shocked as anyone that we were able to land Hossa. I think he'll fit in just fine. I'll admit that I was looking forward to him coming in the first two games and breaking out, but that wasn't being realistic. In my opinion he's shown flashes of what he can do, especially the other night when he showed off his amazing speed. From what I've read Hossa, Holmstrom and Datsyuk weren't able to play together too much during the preseason so I'm sure they are still adapting to each other.....once they end up gelling I think they'll be something special! Go Wings!
  3. New Guys During Cup Celebration

    I think that as part of the team they earned the right to celebrate. Wouldn't they be kicking themselves for never touching it this time and never winning a Cup again? I understand the superstition, but always sort of thought about it in the way of being on a team that won the Cup, not necessarily being one of the players who played most of the games....if teams didn't want the guys who didn't "contribute" to touch the Cup and be a part of the celebration then they'd make sure the players/staff/whomever else, didn't get on the ice to celebrate. At least that's my opinion.
  4. Chelios, Downey, McCarty, and Quincey

    So obviously we have a logjam on D.....does anyone think we might trade a D-man and a forward? If I were Holland and could find a taker, I'd trade a D-man and Samuelsson.....according to the salary figures on this site Samuelsson will be making 1.2 mil this season....if we can trade him and Lebda (honestly I know some people dog Lilja, but I do like that he's willing to drop the gloves every now and then and has a bit of an edge to his game) then I think we'd free up more than enough room for the guys remaining and may even have some left over. By the way, does anyone know what the smallest salary is we could actually pay Chelios? I'm sure the CBA has some stipulation on a minimum salary for a player that has been around for awhile, but I was wondering if he made the league minimum last year or if he didn't, so that would free up some more space if Chelios would sign for a little less seems to me that he's waiting to sign a contract until Holland has put all the other pieces into place so he can figure out where he fits cap wise...
  5. Now we need grinders, character guys

    I hope we can keep both McCarty and Downey, but don't know how we'll be able to do it under the cap and even with roster spots......I have faith that Holland will do what is necessary he's proven that we should give him the benefit of the doubt and then some... I know that some don't think they played an important role, but I thought it was nice having Downey around during the regular season to step up when needed....sure they didn't get much playing time in the playoffs, but I think winning the president's trophy helped out... Is there any way we can keep Downey on as a consultant? Didn't Holland ask one of the younger guys (Quincey?) to work on their fighting and learn from Downey??
  6. a little fun - WHAT NUMBER?

    he will wear 74 (for the 7.4 million).....but I wish he'd wear 00, no one ever uses double zero and I think that's a shame
  7. Pressure now to get Filppula signed

    I am excited about the Hossa signing but getting Filpulla signed is beginning to be my big concern now. But the thing is everyone seems to think that all these guys want is money, but the Hossa signing has shown that they can choose success over a huge payday (although I'd gladly work for 7.4 million...its not exactly chump change)..... If Filpulla wants to stay here he will and I have faith that Holland will put the best team he can on the ice at the best price..... I'm curious to see if Hossa will buy into the system after a year and we'll be able to resign Hossa, Zetterberg and Franzen after next season....wouldn't that be something!!
  8. Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    Wow!! This is great news!! I wish the season would hurry up and start soon....we are going to be unbelievable!!
  9. Bertuzzi placed on waivers.

    I am not going to lie, I liked seeing the guy in a Wings uniform and I still wouldn't mind seeing him again for the right price (i.e. he clears waivers and we can get him for much less than he made last year), but as others have said where would he play? I think he'd give us another huge body around the net....imagine how great it'd be to put him out with Franzen and Holmstrom every now and then to bang around and cause some matchup problems..... I trust Holland to do what is best....he thought Bert was worth going after a year ago, but who knows what he'll do now that we won the Cup..... Go Wings! P.S. If Holland is looking for a veteran to replace Drake I don't think Bertuzzi would be a bad idea at all, he brings size and more of a scoring least in my opinion
  10. Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    Personally I love Downey because for the most part he didn't take stupid if he's the guy we keep around I'll be more than happy! I also wouldn't mind Laraque since the guy is a beast. Those videos were great. The fight with Brashear was a great one, but my favorite was hearing Darren Pang announce the one where Laraque was mic'd up so we heard the two guys talk about the fight before the faceoff.....Although that is sort of a problem to me, because the last thing we need is for someone to take a penalty when one isn't needed, but chances are good both players would be in the box and so the teams would be at even strength. My heart is still with Downey though because you can tell he's giving it all he has every shift, which is nice. He also is great at picking his spots and doesn't just try to start a fight to do it (so he doesn't take an instigator penalty). Who knows, maybe Pavel and Downey can work out an agreement for Pav to help Downey with his scoring and Downey will help Pav with his fighting!! Go Wings! P.S. I think we should all be happy the Wings are going to carry an's nice to know we have one somewhere instead of watching our guys get run and becoming frustrated because there's no one to do anything about it.......
  11. Avery to test FA market

    You know its funny to see this thread here today because I had a dream last night that I was watching the Wings at the beginning of next season and saw a player with the name Avery on the back of their jersey....I was really pumped up, but then I found out it was someone else with the last name Avery....... I wouldn't mind having him back I've always been a fan!
  12. Marian Hossa will test free agent market

    I'm actually happy to hear that Hossa will test free agency because I hold out hope that he'll decide he wants to play for the Wings and sign for less money that he might elsewhere. I know he is giving up a good opportunity to win the Cup with Pittsburgh but if you were given the choice between going to the defending Stanley Cup Champs or return to a team that came up short which would you choose?? I know he probably won't sign here, but unless I'm missing something he could still sign anywhere but Pittsburgh for less than they offered him, that's the benefit of him being an unrestricted free agent correct??? Hopefully he wants to win and is willing to take less money to do so..... But just for the record I don't want to lose any of our up and coming talent like Franzen or Filpulla to sign Hossa, so if we can't fit him without being dangerously close to getting ourselves into cap trouble then I say Kenny doesn't even bother....but it never hurts to ask so hopefully Kenny will at least see if he's interested......
  13. Wings Still Want to Keep Stuart

    I hope we can resign Stuart, I really liked the physical play he brought with Kronwall, and it was nice to be able to pair Lidstrom or Rafalski with Kronwal or Stuart to give the team another way to mix offense with big hitting.... Hopefully he'll sign on for more money, but regardless I have faith that Holland will do the right thing.....sure I've been disappointed with some moves in the past few years (I thought it was bad to lose Schneider and Bertuzzi, but Kenny replaced Schneider with Rafalski which was brilliant and we really didn't miss Bertuzzi, especially with the emergence of Franzen).....but overall I trust that Ken Holland knows a lot more about the market and each situation than any of us know so he'll be able to make a very educated decision, so I'm cool with whatever he decides because we do have lots of talent on D in our system.....
  14. Playoff Injuries

    That's by far the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!!!
  15. Championship parade

    yeah being in the South I have no chance of seeing it unless someone posts it on youtube or even better in a torrent.....I want to see highlights of Hudler since he was supposed to be so pumped up! Go Wings! And thanks in advance to anyone who can help us out with some video!