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  1. What now?

    Nils Ekman and/or Oleg Saprykin could be great additions. Saprykin had a career year playing with Pheonix. He'd be a 20+ goal scorer playing with Datsyuk.
  2. Lang trade rumor... again

    He's listed at 5'11" 185 on;playerID=29450
  3. D-men I want here...

    nice topic , defencemen which we could actually acquire .....and then you add steve staios lmao common dude , hes the captain of edmonton and one of theit top defencemen , hes not going anywhere jason smith is the oilers captain
  4. Canadiens

    Re-read my post. I was refering to ''lamf'' not you Barnes... ok dude i never said that i wanted ribs to come to detroit i dont even like him
  5. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to throw a punch"by Kirk Maltby "The art of winning faceoff's"by Mike Ribeiro "How to take the body"by Sheldon Souray "10 keys to great passing"by Petr Prucha "One handed deeks"by Richard Zednik "Keeping your job"by Chris Osgood "How to be consistent"by Jason Williams
  6. Ric Jackman wants out!

    said that if pens arnt planning on playing him hed want out would be a great player for 760k
  7. Ryan Malone

    you cant just trade any player and expect them to except the offer how could they even consider mowers and lilja for malone and jackman and a 6th round choice wont convince them either.
  8. Shane Doan

    i think you forgot someone
  9. Shane Doan

    It'd be hard to trade Datsyuk, but Zetterberg is just so much better. Offense, defense and even driving to the net, Zetterberg has Dastyuk beat. Datsyuk leaves a lot to be desired defensively, so of the two I'd trade Datsyuk.. im not saying that i think dats his better then zets I KNOW zets has more tools than dats. I wouldnt mind trading dats and getting heatly or thornton back but doan hes just horrible this year hes taking bad penalties and hes playing on a line with nagy and hes on pace for only 61 points
  10. Shane Doan

    ya lets trade dats LMAO
  11. TSN rumors

    Theodore is more of a stretch, of course, but I'd definitely look into that rumor. As much as I like Legace, I don't think he's the guy. Osgood doesn't even deserve a mention, he's been awful. The article becomes more intriguing when Komisarek is mentioned. He plays a similar style to Fischer and would be a pretty good replacement for him. He is 23 and has a ton of potential but I doubt Gainey is looking for an all-star return package for him. Modin is the guy who interests me most. My best memory of him is last Olympics when he was an absolute beast for the Swedish team. His play with the Lightning in their Cup run was pretty good as well, however I haven't followed him at all this season. He's a big guy (and he uses his size) with a nice skillset and I think he'd look pretty damn good next to Zetterberg in the line-up. Plus, the more swedes the better amirite? Komisarek makes 900k and Modin is making 2.2m, not entirely sure the lengths of the contracts though. Thoughts? gainey's looking for a big point producer guy to put on the 1st or 2nd line
  12. Ryan Malone

  13. Ryan Malone

    Maybe they'd take lilja and Cleary since lilja's largely overrated because of his good +/-.
  14. Would you do these deals?

    Worrell would play less than Mowers. Unless of course you are suggesting putting him in the top 12 forwards. In which case, who do you drop to #13? Dats, Zata, Lang, Shanny, Yzerman, Holmstrom, Draper, Maltby will play if healthy. That leaves Samuelsson, Williams, Cleary, and Franzen as potential dropees. Would you SERIOUSLY replace one of those guys with Worrell?? Worrell doesn't bring ANYTHING in EITHER end. That's two of our better offensive players and two of our better defensive players (who still bring more offensively than Worrell) I'd rather get a guy who has toughness AND skill. Even if he's a defensive specialist who can't play offense, he'd be better than Worrell because he could play decent minutes without hurting the team. Mowers is perfectly capable of playing a decent number of minutes. To use the tune of the Cult of Manny, he's never been given a chance to show his ability past what you can do in a few sparse minutes a night. Ideally, we would be trading for a tough, physical defenseman and getting rid of Lilja at the same time... Samuelsson, Cleary and Franzen arn't on the team in NHL 06, but theirs Whitney and Thomas.
  15. Canadiens

    Their thinking of trading and here are some players that were mentioned Ribeiro Bulis Dagenais Zednik Souray Komisarek This his what im thinking of Komisarek for Hudler and Lebda