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    Parade Attendance? 1.4 MILLION?

    I went with three people from ALASKA - and nobody in our area had three feet of personal space. We were squeezed in like sardines. I think the crowd estimates actually come from the police.
  2. hockeyh

    Official: Osgood Signs 3-Year, $4.25m Extension

    I haven't posted here in a l-o-n-g while but this news is enough to bring me out of lurk-mode! Congratulations, Ozzie! You just made this year even better!
  3. hockeyh

    New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    doing my bit to respond
  4. hockeyh

    Copycat items to throw on ice by team

    Columbus could jackets. Ok, that was pathetic but that's what they get for having a pathetic name.
  5. hockeyh

    (Red) Bird (2) Watching

    Detroit Metro isn't really in Detroit - it's in Romulus.
  6. hockeyh

    Red Bird 1 flight status

    No - they fly out of Detroit Metro Airport. They don't have to go through the terminal. They use an FBO (like charter planes use).
  7. hockeyh

    Red Bird 1 flight status

    My husband works at Metro. They don't go through the terminals; they go through an FBO (like a charter plane uses).
  8. hockeyh

    Viewing - Time to suck it up!

    I am also getting too old for it! The real problem is that I'm a stay-at-home mom so my kids suffer the ill effects of my late-night-Wings-watching instead of just desk work or something getting neglected. And my 8 year old wonders why I make her take a nap, lol! I've been thinking along those lines for years! Brilliant idea!! (ok, not so brilliant due to tv coverage, but still...)
  9. hockeyh

    Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    I have a white Lidstrom jersey with the "A" - but it's autographed so that makes up for missing the "C". I really really really want a red Osgood jersey.
  10. hockeyh

    Only a dream?

    There's an article about this in the latest Inside Hockeytown. It said Ozzy has wanted to paint his mask in the past but his helmet material doesn't mesh well with the paint. The new helmet is Hasek-style. It says "Red Wings" across the front and "Ozzy" and his two daughters' names on the back. The sides have likenesses of Sawchuk and Crozier. Ozzy says we should see it soon. It was a great article on the history of goalie-helmet-painting. Personally, I like the plain red helmet for Ozzy. edit: P.S. I was surprised by the article when they said he spelled his nickname with the "y" instead of "ie".
  11. hockeyh


    It's too bad that his wife has decided to divorce him. I hope my marriage vows mean more than that. However, I have to say that what she did is nothing outlandish in our society. People divorce all the time for lesser reasons.
  12. hockeyh

    Season Tickets

    I got season tickets this year after EIGHT LONG YEARS on the waiting list! We weren't expecting it so we had to sell most of them off. You don't necessarily have to marry a RW fan. I ridiculed hockey before I married my husband and then he converted me. Now, I'm the obsessed RW fan in our house. So, guys, there's hope.
  13. hockeyh

    Playoff Ticket Prices

    Payment by March 1st? I haven't even received anything in the mail yet and that's only one week away. Looks like I won't be able to buy them (if anyone's interested). I have the $44 seats now so I guess that will be $81 per ticket.
  14. hockeyh

    Dom & Ozzie probably returning this week

    You crack me up.
  15. hockeyh


    "Detroit" as in "a suburb of Detroit".
  16. hockeyh

    Steve, Shanny and Belfour....

    Won't hear any of that crap coming for me. NO BELFOUR HERE!!!
  17. hockeyh

    book titles you'll never see...

    Well there's a great story for Shanny to tell his kids!
  18. hockeyh

    book titles you'll never see...

    Were Shanahan and Janney friends? (I know they were teammates) Just wondering since there are so many book suggestions on this.
  19. hockeyh

    Post Everytime You Look

    so glad I opened this to look - POST
  20. hockeyh

    3 Way Deal Involving The Wings, Bolts, and Ducks

    Because he's never been worth as much as he is right now...This is the same logic used by the people who "suggested" trading Lidstrom away right now.
  21. hockeyh

    Rumor: Steve Thomas signs with Wings

    E-Rock, SO glad I was eating while viewing your signature pictures!