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  1. 1/31 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2 (SO)

    The wings should be ******* embarrassed what a dog s*** effort minus the last 10 min of the game and overtime. If i was Howard I'd tell them all to screw off. 46 saves and you can't win.. they should all feel shame
  2. Wings agree to terms with three players.

    who are these "brawlers" we signed?
  3. Malkin's penalty rescinded (merged)

    I'm 99.9% sure the same thing happened with Shane Doan and they rescinded the suspension. The only part I'm not sure on was if he had an instigator or if it was just a fight in the last 5 min.
  4. Ducks GM Bob Murray accused of cross-checking fan

    Hey bobby if your feeling strong come take me on. Unless you just like to hit girl you ******* piece of s*** the GM hits women the coach give Therrien a run for his money in the whining category The players whine and cheap shot ppl all night psh at this rate the mascot prolly kicks sick puppies
  5. Gary Roberts Retires

    Not surprising you don't drink beer, you have to save the room to drink all that osgood koolaid
  6. Gary Roberts Retires

    I remember that series well. Gary Roberts was playing like a man possessed. I wanted him on the wings like 2 years before that series and a whole lot more after I watched him in that series. I still would not mind him next year if he came cheap and did not mind sitting once in awhile.
  7. Gary Roberts Retires

    wow Tampa has no credibility the way they treat people. They are 100% incompetent. Roberts has to hear he was waived from his F'N brother in law. Is that how you run a pro organization? The whole franchise needs the Red Wings to beat some class and sense into them. As for Roberts I wanted him on this team. I know it would not happen b/c of our cap situation but he'd have been the perfect Drake replacement. I hope he changes his mind since the only reason he was not claimed was his contract, partly over paid and partly b/c of the CBA bonus clause not being available this year for older players. Roberts as a wings next year for dirt cheap could work well for both sides
  8. Chris Osgood breaks silence: 'I feel great'

    Comparing their speeches or PCs is very different then comparing the men and their accomplishments. I'm saying some of the things Ozzy says sound like Rod. Also he has to prove he can be a playoff goalie this year to Holland, Babcock, and the rest of the team that's not blind to whats happening.
  9. Chris Osgood breaks silence: 'I feel great'

    I like most of you on LGW am sick and tired of Ozzy's "well I feel great, everything is wonderful my play is just about where I want it, I feel good in practice, blah blah carp" IMO Osgood is starting to sound a lot like a Rod Marinelli PC "I feel outstanding, well I think we need to pound the rock, we look great in practice, are game and pad level is coming around" Not exactly the same but I've heard enough of both to notice some gut wrenching similarities that make me feel sick when Osgood talks. I don't give a rats ass how you feel win some games and maybe just maybe only let in 2 goals or less a few games in a row and let your play speak for itself so you don't have to do these awful speeches to the press.
  10. Getting sick of "Ovie's" goal celebration's

    About the Ovie celebrations I understand your point, however I like them. I like the passion he has and SHOWS, the connection it gives the crowd when he hits the glass, and the infectious nature it seems to have on the team. I watch a lot of games and the Caps always look more excited then any other team when they score. BTW I was going to post about this earlier but my computer froze so this a short version. Does anyone thing Crosby got part of his s***ty attitude whining and such from his former coach? I mean if the coach can get away with it why not him? I don't think Therrin did a good job setting an example. It would make sense that the vets didn't like Crosby as was rumored. anyway just a though if anyone responds or seems to care I'll rewrite what I originally wrote
  11. Washington Beating up on Pittsburgh

    I meant he has a boring personality, at least in front of the media. Very company line and very little independent though or emotion during interviews, frankly that is a big reason why I like Ovie and hate Crosby. I'll say I was surprised he let his emotions out some after the game though, it was nice to see he's human. About the Ovie celebrations I understand your point, however I like them. I like the passion he has and SHOWS the connection it gives the crowd when he hits the glass, and the infectious nature it seems to have on the team. I watch a lot of games and the Caps always look more excited then any other team when they score.
  12. Red Wings Trade Deadline Predicitions

    My wishlist Chris Neil (if healthy ,he took 32 stitchs to the back of his leg) Gary Roberts ( I've wanted this guy on our team since about 2000) Ian Laperriere (prolly a better version of Drake) Danial Carcillo (I know it wont happen but it would be nice) On Dmen I have not looked much but I would not mind a guy Like Witt on the NYI if is even possible
  13. Washington Beating up on Pittsburgh

    TSN has a great game recap and surprise surprise Crosby is crying about ovie being a showman. I mean God forbid someone in the NHL show some passion. I say it's about damn time. The NHL needs showmen. I watch every Caps game I can. Ovie is among few player I feel are worth the price of admission. Crosby is the most boring, coached (interview wise), pansy ass. Just because he has no personality does not mean the rest of the NHL players should act that way.
  14. Ovechkin=NHL's Real Ambassador

    2. From Russia With Love. Ovechkin was the focus of a recent article in Maxim Magazine, and while that publication carriers about as much credibility as Star or any of the other assorted magazines boasting headlines like "Elvis Found Living On Mars!", quotes are quotes and facts are facts. Ovechkin was very vocal about his distaste for America: It's girls, it's abundance of rules, it's utter inferiority to the way things are back home. His parents told the magazine that the Ovechkin family intends to jettison from North America back to the Motherland as soon as his playing career is over. Hasn't this country provided him with riches, fame, and the opportunity to brightly shine on the world's grandest hockey stage? Has he seen what's been going on in the KHL these days? If Russia is so fantastic, why doesn't he just bolt now? There's a line between have allegiance to your homeland and spitting in the face of the country you now call home. While I disagree with almost all of what you said the point I most disagreed with was your "From Russia with Love" one. I found it to be a great over simplification of what he and his parents really said. First off I agree on Maxims quality (esp. music countdowns) The only reason I bought it was the Ovie article How much distaste can he really have for a country when he left his home and everthing he knew. He insisted on rooming with a N.A. player and watching American TV to learn Ennglish. His quote is "I watch American TV. I want to learn english, be able to talk to people, hang out with team mates." "talk with American girls too." He then goes on to say his first year he would walk around D.C. and what a beautiful city it is w/ lots of memorials. He would also girl watch. His Mothers quote on American "Americas treat my son wonderfully...but we not stay in America. Alex will give same answer" (neither will Nick but do you hold that against him?) He says America has to many rules " America has too much rules. see cop, slow down. In America, you want to do something, you have to think. In Russia just do it." (would anyone disagree our society has too many rules?) OK so this is getting to annoying to quote so the last one goes like this. Americans don't care about fashion as much. Russian girls are hotter. (Thats not a shot it's true most fashion and designers are European or European inspired. Moscow is a high fashion capital and the most expensive city in the world to live. I have been there and the women are F'N amazing very put together, high class, just killer looks.)
  15. Bouwmeester avoids arbitration, 1 year, 4.875M

    That's the team I'd put my money on.