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  1. BringDMacBack

    Draper to Toronto For Allison?

    I saw this exact same post on one of those ficticious hockey trade rumor forums, I think it was Eckulnds or Spectors. Same exact post to the word. I think this whole thing is being perpatrated by a leafs fan hoping to make a sorry team better and dump Allison in the process. VETO.
  2. BringDMacBack

    If we're gonna trade Legace then...

    Do you even have to get lucky to trick a leafs fan? The leafs have been doing it for years.
  3. BringDMacBack

    who should kenny try and get

    On your advice They were telling you that you were wrong. Now why don't you chill out and you may find it usefull to NOT get your information from the ESPN site.
  4. BringDMacBack

    Ok... so Howard and Hudler are re-assigned?

    Hey imagine this they have been called up again.
  5. BringDMacBack

    If we're gonna trade Legace then...

    On that note contract extension cannot be discussed or negotiated until January and with the Holiday roster freeze comming up the 19-27 I say we don't do a thing until January or later.
  6. BringDMacBack

    If we're gonna trade Legace then...

    I'd love to see Legace go to Vancouver he would probably be the starter and he would have a way better chance to go the finals as the starter then he would here. Hell here we don't get past the first round. No PK and with Salei we stay on the PK most of the game which cuts Stevies time to about 2 minutes a game so we might as well dump his ass too. Not to mention the fact that Bertuzzi takes bad penalties so we would be 2 men down most a game I just hate watching that.And of course an Osgood injury would make the starter Howard and the back up either MacDonald or MacIntyer. That should get us far in a playoff run this year. Bertuzzi would be a great fit here for about 10 minutes until Holland could on the phone and make a deal on him.
  7. BringDMacBack


    THE best place for rumors. either real or imagined. Hell sometimes made up over breakfast is Hell we even have someone inside the Griffins who knows some people that know some people that start rumors about people. So for your best reckless speculation you've come to the right place.
  8. BringDMacBack

    Is Lang back?

    he's listed Day to Day, It does say he returns to Washington tonight. He may be traveling with the team. Nobody said he was playing
  9. BringDMacBack

    Hackert gone... Just the AHL transaction page confirms it. Does not say it did not work out just reassigned to Germany.
  10. BringDMacBack

    4.4 Acres of fresh snow for?

    It's not rumor it's straight up fact I'll trade my 4.4 acres of fresh powdery snow for either a gritty defensemen or power forward. I think this deal only works for a few teams. LA Dallas Atlanta basically anywhere Snow does not happen. As long as we are trading south I'll take 60 days of 70 degree weather with it. Hey did I mention it's unpee'd?
  11. BringDMacBack

    Hasek Back?

    Go smoke some more crack. Have you even looked at any of the stupidy around here were all logic is tossed out of the window? Or are you just another one of the "followers" around here that want to trade everyone? I thought you actually might have had clue but I could be wrong.
  12. BringDMacBack

    Hasek Back?

    Go look around. the majority around here wants to trade Legace for a D Man. Lidstrom for some pick Datsyuk for whoever might be avalible. Basically the logic around here is to trade everyone on the roster for whoever's not on it. In these forums there is no salary cap and trades happen at will. Weather the other team likes it or not. There is not alot of common sense or logic used in the trade rumors section.
  13. BringDMacBack

    Hasek Back?

    There is no room for logic in these forums
  14. BringDMacBack

    Something seen on another site

    Hell who says we make June? Even with Manny. June is pretty damn optimistic if you ask me.
  15. BringDMacBack

    Something seen on another site

    I won't argue it. Hell if Osgood reinjures his groin for any length of time Howard and McDonald should be able to guide this team to the playoffs too.