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    I love hockey, especially the Detroit Red Wings. I've been a fan of our Wings since I was about 5 years old, so I'm coming up on 20-year fandom! ^_^x<br><br>I'm also an anime fan, my favorites include Rurouni Kenshin, Record of Lodoss War, Ninja Scroll, Case Closed (Don't laugh! I think it's cool...), Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Grave of the Fireflies, among some others. I haven't gotten too much into manga yet, though I'm currently collecting Rurouni Kenshin, and I've gotten a bit into Petshop of Horrors. <br><br>I like other sports as well, including football and basketball. Being a homer, I have to pull for my Lions, Tigers, and Pistons. ^_^x<br><br>As for music, I'm mostly into rock. I have a soft spot for hair metal and classic rock from the 80s, but I can get into most types of rock in general.

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  1. Post Everytime You Look

    And that's exactly what I think of winter! >_<
  2. Detroit Lions

    I'll use this topic to show off my new signature. Words of wisdom, hopefully this doesn't break the TOS...
  3. Sheryl Swoopes

    I couldn't care less whether an athlete is *** or not. I think it's sad that people of that age (and any age for that matter!) still carry these homophobic beliefs. I still remember what Garrison Hearst said a couple years back about *** athletes, and I'm still saddened by that. (He basically said that he didn't want any *ahem* "non-heterosexuals" on his team.) Sheesh...hopefully there isn't any backlash against Sheryl Swoopes for what she did...that was very brave indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if she did get a lot of crap, though...
  4. Picture Wars

    A ninja can sneak up behind the hunter... "The shadow strikes!" </Hattori Hanzo>
  5. song title game

    Rock Me - Great White
  6. Rogers suspended

    Way to go, Mr. Rogers... By the way, BlakChamber has been sigged. ^_^x