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  1. Brandon Sugden?

    Allegedly last week. I suppose.
  2. Brandon Sugden?

    And what do you know... here she is!
  3. Brandon Sugden?

    I believe that is correct. I think teams have 48 hours to claim a player off waivers. If they clear waivers then you have to deal for him.
  4. Brandon Sugden?

    Yeah, I know he was. And she's all excited becasue her Brannnnnnnnnndon is coming back to Syracuse. Like I said, she has very close connections with the Syracuse Crunch.. close like... inside the arena close.
  5. Brandon Sugden?

    Sorry... didn't see the other threads. Rookie mistake.
  6. Brandon Sugden?

    I have a friend who lives in Syracuse and has VERY close connections with Columbus's AHL affiliate the Syracuse Crunch. She swears that there was a reliable rumor in Syracuse that the Crunch's leading tough guy Brandon Sugden was going to be claimed off of waivers by Detroit. But I told her, and I think I was right since he cleared waivers, that I couldn't see how the Wings could be seriously interested in him. With the way the rules are now being enforced to emphasize speed and skill and the de-emphasis on fighting... teams don't have room on the roster for whose only role is goon. I just couldn't see the Wings being interested in a guy who's only apparent skill is as an enforcer. Going all the way back to when he was in Juniors in 95-96 the guy has 19 goals, 56 assists and 1,925 penalty minutes. That spells enforcer to me. Hell... even Bob Probert could put the puck in the net and at times was a hell of a hockey player. The only way I could see it making sense was if they wanted to toughen up the line up with the absence of Darren McCarty. But still... the guy has to be able to play as well as fight. Anybody else hear that rumor? Comments?