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    NHL Center Ice

    It's been a long time since I've posted but I'm in the same situation as you Mac and I'm about to go ape "poop" on both Center Ice and Time Warner. I think if I remember correctly you're from Green Bay Mac, well I'm in Racine, WI so I'm pretty much dealing with the same Time Warner service as you. I can't trust my DVR to record a game, the box freezes up all the time, and I can't stand waiting on hold for an hour to talk to someone. It's hard to justify all the disappointment, wasted time, and frustration that Time Warner has caused me for the amount of money I pay them every month. And then there is Center Ice...my beloved center ice that makes me feel like I'm back home for (what used to be) almost 50% of the games (ah...just hearing Mickey's voice). Well, WTF happened? Now some other network that I can't even get can just pick whatever game it wants within a months time and air it...exclusively? This is worse than Versus, I mean how can you expect to make any profit on a network that isn't available to what seems to be a large majority of cable subscriber? Are there really that many more people in Canada (NHL network started out in Canada) watching hockey than in the U.S.? I already paid for Center Ice to show me these games...weren't they going to air them if the NHL network didn't swipe them away? Of course they were, and when I wrote the check for their service I expected to get every game that was not shown on Versus or NBC during the regular season. Even when a game is on HDNET, Center Ice still broadcasts it. If the NHL Network was smart, they would of allowed Center Ice to show the NHL Network feed this season so that they can sell their network to die hard hockey fans for next season.