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  1. Mikester71

  2. Stream for last night's Ducks game?

    Cool, thanks.
  3. Stream for last night's Ducks game?

    That is what I figured. Really sucks though cause it looked like I missed a GREAT game. Am still looking around to see if I can't get a stream from the Anaheim feed or soemthing.
  4. Stream for last night's Ducks game?

    Can anyone help me out with a stream from last night's Wings-Ducks game that works in Canada? I have Centre Ice through my local cable company over here, but ONCE AGAIN, they screwed up the listing and I ended up getting an OHL game on my DVR when I got home from work. I am getting REALLY sick of this crap with Cogeco. Been online all afternoon here looking for a stream of last night's game, but to no avail. Even signed up for the Centre Ice thing on NHL.com, but it says that game is not available in my area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Karen Newman national anthems from opening night

    I wish - haha! Happened to stumble across that old gem in my search a couple of days ago too!
  6. Karen Newman national anthems from opening night

    Mainly...my dad missed the game and I was telling him about "said work" and just wanted to send the video proof his way.
  7. Does anybody know where I could find video of Karen Newman singing both national anthems for the Toronto vs. Wings game opening night? Looked everywhere and having no luck. Thanks!
  8. NHL Center Ice

    Our local cable company use to do that to us over here in Sarnia, ON Canada too (one time charge), but now we are able to pay a monthly fee ($19.95 the first 3 months and then $29.95 there after). The only stipulation is that you have to keep the sports pack for a minimum of 6 months. The cool thing is that covers all the sports (college football, NFL, OHL hockey, Nascar, NHL); EVERY sport ! Sweet deal I think for us. Of course I order it beginning of October and cancel it the day the Wings are done.
  9. Sopel and another veteran d-man coming to camp

    I liked Sopel when he was with the Nucks and think that he at least deserves a look in training camp. Worse case scenario is he doesn't make the team and life goes on for both parties.
  10. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    Got to love the spam!
  11. Ducks dent the Cup

    :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
  12. Wings clean out lockers, discuss future..

    I agree. He is hard to get off the puck when stick handling; especially when he goes behind the oppositions net. If he can get back to 75% of what he was 3 years ago he will still produce what we desperately needed on this team; size with skill and grit. Go Bert and go Kenny in getting this guy back here!
  13. Seattle looking to join NHL?

    That's what I was thinking to. It would become a Toronto-Buffalo type rivalry which would be good for the Canucks actually too. Heck, Seattle already has had a Stanley Cup championship team in its history. The Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup back in 1917. I remember hearing about a Seattle team as a kid in the 70's, so did a quick google on them and came up with this: http://www.seattlehockey.net/metropolitans/metropolitans.htm