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  1. Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    At this point, he's being paid to lose while looking like he's trying to win. Kudos to him, he's performing admirably.
  2. Grade the deadline

    I gave it a B as well. I thought Holland should've aggressively tried to move Green last year (and I posted as much last season). We should've retained 1/2 of his cap hit for 1.5 seasons and moved him at last year's deadline for quite a haul since he wouldn't have been a rental. As far as this deadline, given that he was injured and didn't sound like there was much flexibility on where he could be traded given the NTC, I can't ding him too much for it. Tampa may have been the only team with genuine interest, but only as a backup plan relative to McDonagh.
  3. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Holland will re-sign mrazek in off-season after a strong playoff with Philly. 6 years 36 million
  4. Goal Horn Devastation

    One of my favorite things about the Joe was the goal horn. I'd turn the volume way up after the Wings scored, I loved it! This new horn is awful, absolutely the worst. I am devastated.
  5. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    I wonder if Frk can turn into something. If he does, two teams waived him which is interesting.
  6. Goal Horn Devastation

    Well hopefully it gets better in time, good to hear that it sounds good in the arena. It just sounded really muffled last night on TV.
  7. What is going on. Let's play hockey.
  8. Opening night roster v Wild.

    Sproul clearing waivers is just further evidence that us Wings fans tend to overvalue our prospects.
  9. Opening night roster v Wild.

    Is it just me, or does this roster blow chunks on paper? I think we are worse than last year.
  10. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Goalies are relatively easy to acquire.

    I don't see how the Preds beat the Pens without Johansen. Pens are going to be the first team to repeat since the Wings did it. First 2009 and now this. I hate the Penguins.
  12. 2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    No team has repeated since the Wings. Please, if there is a god, do not let the Pens be the next team to do it.
  13. 2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    If they beat the caps, what team has the best chance of stopping the Pens?
  14. 2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    Caps will win. Best thing that happened to them was going down 2-1 to the Maple Leafs. Capitals were playing very well last three games and Anderson kept the games close. Also, Caps couldn't handle the Pens speed last time they met in the playoffs, but Toronto was the perfect opponent to prepare them for this.
  15. Playoff Format Needs to be Changed

  16. 2017 ECQF: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Washington Capitals

    Leafs have the greatest coach in NHL history.
  17. 2017 ECQF: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Washington Capitals

    Caps will destroy them
  18. Jeff Blashill

    I am certainly in the extreme minority here, but I stand by my view that blaming Blashill is knee-jerk (and clouded by him trying to replace Babcock - big shoes to fill). I would give him another year or two.
  19. When will the Wings fall?

    Wow, what a thread.
  20. 2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    A lot of teams in this league would kill for the success we've had.
  21. That's all well and good, and I don't necessarily disagree. But just because a GM is bad at somethings or made mistakes in the past doesn't mean that everything he does is awful and needs to be treated with pitchforks coming out. Vanek deal was best the market would give him, and personally I'd rather have the 3rd rounder than lose Vanek for nothing at the end of this season.