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    My name is Fred, interest? well ...<br><br>Hockey, hockey, hockey. Detroit Red Wings.<br><br>Steve Yzerman was and will be always my hero.<br><br>Here you can see where Estonia is located in Europe:<br><br><br>I love working in my family's construction group . Besides NHL and smaller leagues in US/Canada and Europe, I also follow NBA, MLB and soccer, my favorite teams in these sports are Utah Jazz, San Diego Padres and Sunderland AFC accordingly.<br><br>I love metal. Hockey + Metal is a powerful combination to give you more energy to live your life well. You can check some music out from my website also, I anyone's interested.<br>My favorite bands include:<br>Lamb Of God, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Disturbed, American Head Charge, Slipknot, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Marilyn Manson, 3rd Strike, Soulfly, Drowning Pool, Static-X, Mushroomhead, System Of A Down, Mudvayne, Ill Nino, Devildriver, Hatebreed, Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Korn, Ãœnloco, Soil, Stereomud, Meshuggah, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Throwdown, Pedigree, Terror, Chimaira, Breaking Benjamin, Stemm, Perfect Murder, Crossfade, Adema, Linkin Park, Sybreed, Dry Kill Logic, Atreyu, Exilia, Demon Hunter, Sw1tched, Scars Of Life, Powerman 5000, Six Feet Under, Limp Bizkit, Megaherz, Guano Apes, Flaw, Shadows Fall, Dope, Spineshank, Clawfinger, Audity, HIM, Bleeding Through, Primer 55, Diecast, Jerk, Soilwork, Lifer, God Forbid, Noise Therapy, Skinlab, Sepultura, Panic Cell, P.O.D., Velcra, Reveille, In Flames, Finger Eleven, Staind, Byzantine, Project 86, Mnemic, Jugulur, Mortal Treason, Stutterfly, Since The Flood, Full Devil Jacket, Evanescence, Lifer, August Burns Red, Children Of Bodom, Downthesun, Five Bolt Main, Breed 77, 40 Below Summer, H-Blockx, 36 Crazyfists, Cold, Element Eighty, Chevelle, From Autumn To Ashes, Lacuna Coil, Bloodsimple, Earth Crisis, Bullet For My Valentine, Earth Crisis, Union Underground, EverEve, Twisted Method, Taproot, Convergence, Raunchy, Born From Pain, Arch Enemy, Unearth, Seven Wiser, Otep, Seether, One Minute Silence, Shadows Fall, Creed, Blood Has Been Shed, My Ruin, East Trading Wang, From Zero, Kittie, Earshot, Deftones, Superjoint Ritual, Endo, Cinder, Damageplan, 12 Stones, Slayer, Lollipop Lust Kill, 37 Stabwoundz, Zorg, Biohazard, Slaves On Dope, Factory 81, Orgy, Reach 454, Saliva, Skrape, Trapt, Twelve Tribes, Shinedown, Revis, Pitchshifter, Pain, Onesidezero, Memento, 5 Billion Dead, Nickelback, Kovenant (viimased albumid), K-Again, Nightwish, Hollywood Ending, Fuel, Helmet, Earthtone 9, Dragpipe, Damageplan, Incubus, Crossfade, Celldweller, Breaking Point, Auf Der Maur, Kid Rock, Madside, Injected, Solwaig, Pantera, Paradise Lost (viimased albumid), Puddle Of Mudd, Sevendust, Boiler Room, Smile Empty Soul, Diesel Machine, Caliban, Strata, Three Days Grace, Fony, DAZ Machine, Used, Foo Fighters, E-Town Concrete, Tool, Dry Cell, Rage Against The Machine, Tyfoid Mary, Blank Theory, Nonpoint, Candiria, Subluminal, Lostprophets, Sidewise, Greenwheel, Trivium, Sworn Enemy etc.<br><br>I also take part in military games called Airsoft. Similar to paintpall bu much more strategic and real. We use plastic bullets (pretty painful when hit anyway) and the guns are exact copies of what they really are. Some pictures of my playing airsoft on this site:<br><br><br><br>My moto is: Always be as optimistic as you can, everything is achievable and don't be afraid to be different, be afraid of being ordinary.<br><br>I goddamn love this site. This club. Fans and supporters. We rock bigtime.

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  1. Wings still in Sundin Mix?

    You know what guys, I think it is possible that Sundin takes a huge paycut! Think about it - he's pretty old already and he is desperate to win the cup. Detroit is his only realistic option, we have a cup winning team + Hossa now, adding him would make the Wings a bloody terminator of this league. We have it all and imagine what he could add! If he takes a huge paycut, I for sure would welcome this talented but aging superstar to Detroit. Other option to me is give Helm an opportunity and more icetime this year. That guy is a blast! What an energy. Don't be so negative about the paycut, that guy has enough money, but he is desperate to win a Stanley Cup! He has been working all his career for that and probably dreamt about it since he was a kid. So we'll see.. one thing is clear, adding Sundin would be another huge surplus for us and the only thing in between the Wings and the Cup next season would be the injury list. That vulnerability was seen last season in defence corps. Other than that, we would be fine without him also, but if possible, who wouldn't add another cherry on this Stanley Cup winning cake.
  2. Kenny has some work left to do

    I have always been against trading Hudler, he's been great considering the icetime and he really can deliver. Samuelsson I also like and wouldn't trade. Helm should be given a bigger role for the team, he is a physical player too and he's fast plus can score. I think he was one of the best players in the finals considering overall play. Now we somehow got also Kronwall going like a beast, he has really improved the physical side. I don't thing making big changes in a team that won the cup should be done. And we got Hossa, that's a huge advantage in addition to last years team. I say let guys like Helm, Hudler, Filppula have more icetime. In my opinion the wings don't necessarily need any enforcers. We are really strong. Chelios in not needed anymore, rather we should use more Ericsson or Meech, they can do it.. Can't wait to see Hossa in red/white
  3. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    Holland fell asleep. Again.. Legendary guy. 5 hours of boner for nothing...
  4. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    Holland does it again. It's like a situation where seriously sexy girl offering some sex tomorrow but when the final hour arrives she has a headache...
  5. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    Oh man, I'm afraid Lemieux and McCarty is this years harvest.. 10 more minutes the hope lives.. HOSSA godammit!! Kennnyyyyyy??!?!
  6. Ugliest player in the NHL?

    I found a funny thing: But the dude in the crowd is wrong:
  7. Sat. Hotstove: Rob Blake to the Wings?

    No Point. Why get an aging D-man, besides, Lidstrom, Rafalski and Kronwall are getting lots of icetime, which means he won't be getting the same icetime in Detroit as in LA, or others suffer. It's just a matter of time until this guy throws his skates away. I'm not saying he's bad, but I'm not into this. If he's cheap and we don't throw in Kindl, Pyatt, Larsson, Axelsson or similar, then it's fine by me, otherwise we wouldn't need him. I wouldn't mess up a team that tops the league. And the Ducks suck this year..
  8. Hey guys, Shawn Matthias, who was sent to Florida's ranks in Bertuzzi trade.. guess what, I think we made another bad deal... I understand it's too early to say about his future, but we don't have Bertuzzi either anymore... To be honest, one of the things I hate about the Red Wings organization is Ken Holland and his idea to change prospects for aging stars. For example look at Avs, they've done good job in picking and developing prospects like Stastny, Budaj, Svatos, Wolski, Hlinka, Hensick, Cumiskey etc.. Haha, it's even more frustrating that it's the Avs. Ok, take a look at Blackhawks, they also have serious prospect ranks, they never give them away. Why can't the Wings concentrate on developing new guys, instead, they give them away. Thank god we have Zetterberg and Datsyuk - the main gems. Maybe I'm overreacting since Detroit has gone over 100 points during the regular season without any problems during the last decade, but still, I think collecting aging stars isn't the right way. Other than that, I still believe we luckily have got good prospects at the moment.. just that I feel we give good prospects away too easily.. Anyways, Matthias is currently OHLs top scorer, 8 points in 2 games, same as Tavares. Might be just a kickass start to a season, or good overall team helps achieving his numbers, but I think we gave away a promising prospect. What do you think?
  9. Would you trade Samuelsson for Lapointe?

    No way, I like Sammy, I remember how people bashed him at the beginning of playoffs and then he seriously bloomed. I like his style, he may not be hitting around all the time but he isn't exactly a soft player. I mean he was grittier than Bert. But thats another story, Bert will improve, it isn't easy to jump into playoffs after being out all season. Lapointe is overpaid aging punk, who doesn't have the scoring touch anymore. I mean when he went to Bruins he was great, then he faded, all he did was asking for a bigger paycheck - for nothing. Rather I'd give a go to some younger player and actually Grigorenko has bulked during last couple of years and is little bit like Holmer. Good scorer and passes, drives hard to net, strong in traffic, great on powerplay.. I've waited too many years to see what he can do, now we have a chance.. I think the Wings old strategy doesn't work anymore. It's not the 1995 - 2002 period, when team was pretty much built on Stevie, Shanny, Fedorov, Lidström etc.. Wings should concentrate on rebuilding with younger players and it's working already, we got Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kindl is coming up, Howard, Franzen, Filppula. Hudler has improved, Grigs is coming. I must say that I am quite surprised that Detroit hasn't suffered at all during the changes, because Detroit has been one of the top teams every year, despite relatively weak playoffs most of the last 5 years. I wonder how much Wings average age drops when Cheli and Dominator retire?
  10. Would we have won the Cup if Yzerman played?

    Come on guys, Yzerman is gone, he is my favorite player, always will be and nothing will change that, but if a player decides to retire, he does it for a reason. I think Yzerman felt he cannot produce and play as earlier and that's his inner question. Let's respect that. If someone wants to play, despite the age etc, he will, like Chelios. I'm very happy about the fact that Stevie Y is in the system, so we know that he lives actively on inside the team. Yzerman was mainly a huge heart in the team, besides being a hockey genius. As far as I know he continues to work for the team, I'm not very sad. We all know Steve loves the Red Wings and we still have him. So let's move on, let's concentrate on the future, let's concentrate on building a new young team. But yeah, we never know. I'm telling you, we lost the cup because we didn't have Schneider. No wonder the Ducks are after him if Niedermayer really retires. What a shock, Niedermayer is quite young to retire for a defenceman of his caliber. That made me think, a player who has achieved everything isn't motivated enough anymore.
  11. Hasek to return next year?

    Yay!! Actually not very surprised. I mean Hasek made a mistake when he retired once, now why on earth would he retire. This guy is a 42.y.o. goalie genius, being like 24.y.o., being one of the top goaltenders in the league last year. He will ask more, for sure, but no problem. Anyone remembers CuJo-s 8 million US contract ??? Now that was a money flushed through the toilet pipes. CuJo did quite well but stank in the playoffs and was never worth the 8 Mil. But hey, isn't it all about results?? Hasek provides results and I am pretty sure that Wings had won the Cup if they had defeated Anaheim. Once again, Giguere was the main man. Offensively the Wings were better. Oh and yeah, we saw how much the Wings needed Schneider... Hasek back!!! Sign Schneider!! Leave Lang.
  12. Alexei Morozov

    Yeah, it was confirmed in spectorshockey, that he said two weeks ago he stays in Russia next season. Though, this might be a self-marketing trick. It may be just a way to get a good deal from some NHL club, to get more money. We all know that players who seem to come from European leagues, don't get much of a contracts. But damn, this guy rocks. Given a good scoring line, he would be in my opinion one of the key players in any team.
  13. Alexei Morozov

    I've been an admirer of Morozov for a few years time new. I think this guy bloomed in Russia. Hell yeah I'd take him, replace Lang with Morozov? I wouldn't think more than a second. Russian superleague is tough, I can tell you that, if a player can compete in Russia, he will compete in NHL, no problem. Remember Malkin, he did pretty well in 2005-2006 in Russia, was amongst the top players and look at him. Came to NHL and was ready for it. I say Morozov is twice the player he was some 5 years ago, last season he ripped Russian superleague into pieces. He just needs some 18+ minutes to prove his worth in NHL. I'd definitely take him. Plus, I think he can play both C and RW.
  14. Opinions: Most improved player?

    Cleary!!! I mean look at the guy all-around.. That kind of guy has been needed for many seasons. He's a damn wolf. But yeah, Filppula, Franzen and Lilja too.. and Lebda of course..
  15. Bertuzzi trade

    Hey guys, I'd like to say that Bertuzzi definitely was a half-Bertuzzi, we expected more.. but.. I think he should be resigned, I don't think we saw enough of him. He was all season without playing and everyone needs some time. I say we gotta get rid on Lang instead. I think Bertuzzi can't ask the same he could have when he scored 90+ points, so I'm afraid if he is affordable and we won't sign him, someone will get him cheap as underachiever and lately injury prone winger and he will shine next season. No way, let's give him another season. Still, if he's asking too much I wouldn't try to sign him.. I believe he will still bounce back and I definitely have faith in him.. I mean think about it, he bounced straight in between Cup hungry playoff teams, these things require more adjustment. Then, seeing that he isn't exactly what expected yet, they gave him something like 12-13 minutes per game. Have some faith, if he blooms next season, then we all light candles and open beers to salute Holland...