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  1. Wings won in Nashville 4-3, seems like you need a new calculator
  2. Crap! Eyes open! No way! 2 penalites a game is sad and he does not way too often. Sure he can play good on PK, but...
  3. I have been to 5 in person (in Tampa, Columbus - New Year's Eve, in Nashville, Rangers and in Colorado). I have only missed 3 games on TV, because of traveling. He is old and tired and not producing. He has more penalites minutes then production! He age is showing.
  4. Chelios has been problem all year. He takes way too many penalties and he scoring is way down. He should retire, we don't need him! And I for one would love to see him go! Let him eat chili or something, just don't come to the Joe anymore! Look around at any game, 2-3 Chelios jerseys, he is simply not a favorite.
  5. Agreed, he committed way too soon. On the first he was down before the blue line!!! On the second he was better, but the goal was easy!
  6. It better, I am going to the game in Colorado on the 21st of January. I have great seats and plan to yell very loudly with my Wings clothing, jacket, and hat on! GO WINGS!