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  1. tipetz22

  2. Wings add McCrimmon to Coaching Staff

    Great Signning! Sign our Free Agents - check Sign Best Available Free Agent- check Sign Best Available Asst. Coach - check I know alot of fans here in Atlanta wanted McCrimmon as the interim-head coach last year.
  3. Alexander Radulov

    Nothing to market???? Arnott, Dumont (two 70+ points last season, not to shabby) and also Sullivan was out a good bit last season . . . They have a pretty good farm system (especially on defense and in goal). I think that they have little to market in the near future (not sure if this is what you were trying to say?). With good prospects they can always trade and get some good NHL players in return. Also, let's not forget that this is a team that gave us a scare in the first round. As far as organization lying to the fans, how do you figure? They keep the team in the city and EVEN get them into the playoffs. I agree that now is a hairy time for the Preds, but considering everything they aren't doing to bad (look at Tampa Bay last year a talented team- on paper but worst in the league). I think that the bigger problem for the Preds is Trotz (this is probably for another thread). Sorry for the rant . . . as far as the topic, I hope that Radulov fulfills his contract commitments. edit: sp
  4. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    Double post, a little too eager about the preseason
  5. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    Detroit at Atlanta Oct 1 --> AWESOME!!!!! I am so pumped! Are tickets to preseason games usually cheaper? I wonder if Hossa will get booed (eventhough mgt traded him). I have my fingers crossed that they will come down for regular season game, since ATL was up in Detroit last season.
  6. It almost isn't even fair.

    I agree with everyone above, but I think that one thing huge part of the Wings success is there draft picks over the past 15-20 years. The Wings have built a very strong nucleus of players: 1983- Yzerman 1989- Lids, Fed, Konstantinov 1990 - Primeau, Kozlov 1991- Ozzie, Lapointe 1992 -DMac 1994 - Holmstrom, Dandenault 1998 - Fischer, Pav 1999- Z 2000- Kronwall, Kopecky 2002 - Rex, Filp, Meech Obviously all of these players are not superstars (some obviously are not on the team), but all have contributed tremendously to the success of the Wings. I think that famous movie quote, "If you build it they will come" is true. After we developed these players we added - Fetisov, Draps, Maltby, Shanny, Hull, etc. The sports world has a mentality of "got to win now". However, true success is build over time.
  7. a little fun - WHAT NUMBER?

    Eric Montross wore it when he was drafted by the Celtics (I don't know why I know that . . .) and Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards) is probably who you are thinking about. My money is on #81, it makes me think of another sniper that played for us . . . #91
  8. LGW Fit Club

    Weekly update: 6/16 - 208 lbs 6/23 - 209 lbs Seems that I am going the wrong way, ha ha. This past week I lifted and ran evey other day. Running alittle over 2 miles Monday and Wednesday. Lifted Tuesday and Thrusday (of course different muscle groups). This week I am going to run everyday (2 miles every other day) and lift every other day. First couple of weeks is going to be tough. Time to buckle down this week! Thats awesome!!!! Good luck
  9. LGW Fit Club

    I dug up this old post from last fall. Needless to say I took a sabbatical from working out and running daily . . . but I AM BACK. My goal is 195. I have ran yesterday for about 15 minutes (I know thats cramp, but I trying to ease my way back into it) and today I did some upper body lifting. I am going to get back on the running, lifting (not crazy body builder lifting) every other day for about a week. Then I will integrate lifting and running daily. And like last fall, I will cut most of the junk out. Height 6-2 6/16 - 208 lbs I look forward to seeing other results!!!
  10. What It Means to Be a Red Wing

    ha ha, wow! I just got his book as a groomsmen gift this past weekend, it looks pretty cool. I am looking forward to reading it!! Funny thing is the groom is a huge Predators fan! He said he felt terrible buying it, but knew that I would enjoy it.
  11. Fleury squirts Al Sobotka with water

    Al swings the octopus pumping up the crowd/ getting in the head of the opposing team MAF squirts water bottle at Al, mission accomplished. Lets go Wings!
  12. Will we see McCarty tonight?

    I would like to see him play at least one game in the Finals (so he can get his name on the cup, again). He has helped us in the earlier rounds and it would be a nice story!
  13. Malkin on the first line

    Sounds like desperation . . . Therrien worried = line changes = Game 2 = loss Therrien panic = more line changes = Game 3 = _______
  14. What are the preds fans saying after a goal?

    Firehawk, I don't know if anyone answered you, but here is what they chant: 1st - the Tim MGraw Song "We Like, We Love It" 2nd- Da Na Na Na . . . Hey . . . You Suck (x2) 3nd - Were goning to beat the puck out of you . . . you . . . you you you 4th - Its all you fault (x2) 5th - He shoot he scores, you suck
  15. Predict The Future: Jiri Hudler Wins Conn Smythe

    The first time in history the trophy is bigger then the person winning it, Ha! j/k I've been a Rex fan since the beginning, it would be nice for him to win it, but not likely. Glad to see him put some points up and be right in the middle of scrums with his limited playing time.