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  1. norrisnick

    Did the Wings make a mistake with Ericsson

    Who's better? And what have you got to support that claim? I've got this.
  2. norrisnick

    Did the Wings make a mistake with Ericsson

    It gets swept under the rug because it happens less to Nick than to anyone else. League wide. If you're the best defensive-defenseman in the league, you get a bit of slack.
  3. norrisnick

    Brad Stuart

    Based purely on cap hit I'd take Meech's sub-$500K over anyone. Cap hit plus the play out on the ice? Nick. No ifs, ands, or buts. The top pairing is the only thing keeping us respectable right now. Granted it could be around $8-9M and still be as effective (swap out Raf for anyone else), but thems the breaks.
  4. norrisnick

    Brad Stuart

    Not even close. He's better than E, but that's about it. Nick - 1.86GA/60T, 1.92GA/60ES, 4.00GA/60SH Raf - 1.95GA/60T, 1.94GA/60ES, 4.62GA/60SH Meech - 2.09GA/60T, 2.39GA/60ES, 0.00GA/60SH Lebda - 2.34GA/60T, 2.39GA/60ES, 0.00GA/60SH Nik - 2.50GA/60T, 1.97GA/60ES, 9.00GA/60SH Stu - 3.45GA/60T, 2.72GA/60ES, 8.57GA/60SH E - 4.33GA/60T, 3.80GA/60ES, 7.78GA/60SH Those are goals against per 60 minutes of ice time. Total, even strength, and on the PK.
  5. norrisnick

    NHL CenterIce HD Feeds

    I see listings for all the HD feeds but it's gray and I can't seem to watch them... DirectTV.
  6. norrisnick

    Most Dominante Athletes Today

    You're out of your mind if you think Machida and especially Silva walk around at 200-205. Anderson has gone on record that he's usually 220 and above between fights. He's a big dude. Machida doesn't fight at 185 and I don't believe he ever has. Back when Fedor fought Herring he was top 5 and close to 30lbs heavier. Schilt was solid competition and 50lbs heavier. Hunt just barely in the top 10 and again 50lbs heavier. Sylvia was ranked top 3 when he fought Fedor 40lbs heavier. Sure Choi and Zuluzinho weren't much to worry about, but those guys in the 250-280+ range were quality wins. And then Couture went on to lose to Brock and Nogueira (looking far better against Brock than the Brazilian). Maybe, just maybe, Brock hasn't seen much competition to hold that belt. If a 46 year old that's 50lbs smaller and was coming off of a year long layoff is your stiffest competition maybe you shouldn't be ranked quite that high. Arlovski would beat Brock. Handily. Brock would get torn apart standing by one of the quickest striking HWs out there. And Andrei is savvy enough to keep it on the feet. Brock doesn't have the handspeed to do what Fedor did to him. Not when Mir got the best of him standing. That one reason, is that Dana can finally say the UFC has the best HW out there. Not having Fedor is a black cloud over the most prestigious division in combat sports, the heavyweights. As a promoter you want to have the best fighters to promote, and he doesn't have Fedor. As for why Fedor was willing to hold out for large sums of money, he doesn't need tp sign his life away to the UFC to further his legacy (it's not about money or Brock Lesnar, but about control over his life/career). He's already the greatest MMA fighter of all time. Not fighting Brock Lesnar (he of the almighty 4-1 record) isn't going to change that. Seriously, look at Brock's credentials. Beat a scrub (after Choi wasn't cleared to fight). Lost to Frank Mir in under 2 minutes. Beat Heath Herring by riding him like a pony for 15 minutes. Magically gets a title shot at this point. Beats a senior citizen. Beats Frank Mir. That's it. Fedor signed up to fight Barnett (an exponentially more well rounded fighter than Brock is) and then joined an organization that features the best HW striker and best HW grappler in MMA. Barnett or Overeem would be the UFC champ if they fought in the octagon (the last time Josh fought in the UFC he was the UFC HW champ). I guarantee you if Dana called up Fedor's management and proposed to let the two fight as a one-shot deal with no strings attached Fedor would be more than happy to oblige. But Dana won't do that. He won't allow his champion to be beaten without owning whoever beat him. And that's why Fedor won't sign with the UFC. He saw first hand how Dana jerked Couture around when Randy wanted to set up a fight with Fedor. Emelianenko won't allow himself to be put in that situation where Dana controls his career. I must have daydreamed the Ray Mercer mention... Let Brock flesh out his resume a bit before we canonize him. Lesnar has never had to deal with someone like Crocop who is a lethal striker. Or Nogueira who is a magician on the ground. Let alone Fedor who is a master at both. Takedowns and hammerfists can only get you so far. What happens when Brock is put on his back? Does he know how to do anything down there? What happens when someone rocks him? What sort of instincts take over? What happens when he sees his own blood all over the place? Will he panic and get caught by something else? Takedowns and hammerfists are the extent of what Brock has shown us. Brock has a whole hell of a lot more to worry about facing Fedor than vice versa. And Fedor isn't? No one is as complete and as good at all the elements as Fedor is. And no one is smarter in the ring. Never flustered. Never frustrated. Has an answer for everything. I guess we have differing opinions on the matter (obviously) as I don't think Silva has beaten anyone of consequence since Henderson. The judges are still out, IMO, on the quality of the TUF era of UFC fighters. They become big names, but are they really as good as their popularity? I don't think they are. Again, put them in a ring/cage with Fedor and see who wins. The size difference is negligible. That's Anderson at roughly 215-220. This is Fedor at exactly 230. In his jeans. I'd say there's a 5lb difference in frame/musculature and a 5-10lb difference in fluff. Factor in that Anderson has a 2" height/reach advantage and it's a wash.
  7. norrisnick

    Most Dominante Athletes Today

    There is an ever so slight difference between weigh-in weight and fight time weight. Most "205ers" are pushing 220+ when they actually get in the cage. Fedor is usually 230 or so. 10-15lbs. And most of that difference is padding, not muscle. He's a tiny HW. Guys his size fight LHW. And some that aren't good enough cut all the way down to 185. Should they ever meet at HW it's 50/50 that Silva or Machida would come in heavier as they wouldn't have to cut water weight and likely would bulk up a bit. Like when Wanderlei Silva fought in PRIDE's Open Weight GP. He was heavier than CroCop in their fight. There is no significant difference between small HWs and LHWs, apart from the fact that the small HWs don't feel the need to cut weight for a competitive edge. As for 30lbs being a huge advantage for an MMA fight. Sure, but that's an advantage many of Fedor's opponents have had over him. He has fought guys, 10, 20, 30, 50, even 100lbs+ heavier than him. Can't say the same for the two guys you're pimping. Sylvia's 3 fights prior to fighting Fedor were 2 title fight losses and a win over Vera. So, either Tim was still at the upper echelon of the UFC HWs or the current title means next to nothing as a complete scrub held it a little over 2 years ago. Arlovski was on a 5 fight win streak. Three within the UFC and then Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson with Affliction. If you completely disregard the level those two were at at the time the fought Emelianenko you're opening up a HUGE can of worms with regards to the current crop of UFC HWs (which apparently Fedor is ducking) not to mention pretty much any other fighter. Trying to come up with arguments about these guys using evidence of what happened AFTER they lost to Fedor is delving into the absurd. Especially since not too long ago these guys ruled the UFC HW division. Who are the best fighters at HW? Once you come up with a list, use the same standards you used to discredit Sylvia and Arlovski so you'll realize just how shallow the UFC's HW division is. The best fighter Dana has at HW is Big Nog. Dana is likely going to cling as hard as he can to the loss to Mir (with a torn MCL and being hospitalized during his training camp with a staph infection) to prevent Nog from getting a title shot. Because if Minotauro ever does, Brock can kiss his arm goodbye. And then Dana is stuck with a HW champ that Fedor has soundly defeated. Twice. Fedor doesn't fear Lesnar. He doesn't fear anyone, otherwise he wouldn't have signed with an organization that has Alistair Overeem as a champion (he's currently one of the top 5 or so HW strikers in the world and expected to do well at the Dec. 5th K-1 World GP Final) and Fabricio Werdum who is the two time defending ADCC HW champion (ie best grappler in the world). There is nothing in the UFC that Fedor hasn't seen and beaten before. And there is nothing he won't see outside of the UFC either. Barnett, Werdum, Overeem, etc... are all fights available to him outside of the octagon. As for Anderson and Machida... they're great fighters (when they actually want to fight and not dance). But they're not Fedor good.
  8. norrisnick

    Most Dominante Athletes Today

    Put either one of them in the ring/cage with Fedor and see who is most dominant. And neither are much smaller than Fedor is. 10-15lbs at most with both of the Brazilians being taller and with greater reach. Wins over Sylvia and Arlovski easily stack up to wins over Griffin and Evans which pretty much highlight Anderson and Machida's recent activity.
  9. norrisnick

    Most Dominante Athletes Today

    Nobody in MMA has done anyting remotely close to what Fedor has done. Next best would likely be Nogueira, but Fedor owned him twice.
  10. norrisnick

    Datsyuk & Zetterberg To Be Split

    Franzen - Z - Cleary last spring was better than Pavel - Z - Homer in '08. Weird how that works.
  11. norrisnick

    Datsyuk & Zetterberg To Be Split

    The correct answer is never. Babcock has never put them together at the start and has only gone to it as a sort of "desperate times calls for desperate measures" late in a game and then a string of games where they do stick together.
  12. norrisnick

    Datsyuk & Zetterberg To Be Split

    When was the last time that Mike Babcock started the season with them on the same line?
  13. norrisnick

    Datsyuk & Zetterberg To Be Split

    Welcome to September 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and now (not suprisingly) 2009.
  14. norrisnick

    Will Babs start a Swedish 5 in the season opener?

    It's already happened a few times. Back in '05-'06 when Lilly played with Nick and Z spent most of the year with Homer and Sammy.
  15. norrisnick

    2009 US OPEN

    That's more than a little bit unfair to Andy and to Roger. That was without a doubt the greatest match Andy had ever played. He was absolutely brilliant. He set a Grand Slam record by winning 39 service games (consecutive I might add). He just had the miserable luck of running into the greatest tennis player ever that was every bit as good that day. 16-14 in the 5th set? One service break after 4 and a half hours deciding the match? Ridiculous... As for the US Open... Clijsters has done the women's game a great favor by beating both Williams sisters. And a massive "haha!" at Serena's meltdown.