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    Comin from Hamilton for season opener..few questions

    LOL.. everyone that is not from Detroit area thinks they are going to get stuck up when they come for the game... I would be more afraid of getting attacked by a crack head in downtown Hamilton...
  2. e_mcgrath88

    Doubters: Sign Up Here

    50/50?? more like 85/15...
  3. e_mcgrath88

    Everyone has to look at it this way

    here here.. i'm not worried.. We won in Dallas in 6 and they were much tougher than Pittsburg.... The Eastern Conference has nothing on the West.. this series should have been over in 4 games.... dallas, anaheim, san jose, amongst other western teams probably would have beat this pens team if they were in our position... this series will wrap up in 6 games..
  4. e_mcgrath88

    Whiteout at the Mellon Arena

    ya.. it would have been pretty cool 10 years ago.. but it's been done by about 20 teams before.. where were these fans when the Pens were almost on their way to K.C? haha
  5. e_mcgrath88

    in 5 or 7

    I think its going to happen in Pitt as the wings win it in 4 games.
  6. e_mcgrath88

    Are we in Trouble yet?

    did i say that is why we lost the last 2 games or what changed momentum??? .... not an excuse.. a fact....
  7. e_mcgrath88

    Game 5 notes...

    you also looked hungry for more coming out of the San Jose seires before getting spanked 3 straight... Wings win big in game 6. promise..
  8. e_mcgrath88

    Are we in Trouble yet?

    the blown call in game 4 seems to have changed the momentum in the series... we should still win though..
  9. e_mcgrath88

    Poll in Rocky Mountain News...

    haha yep... but i only have to think back to game 3 of the series against Nashville.. my favorite comment "lose game 4 and we lose the series" bahaha
  10. e_mcgrath88

    Respect for the Red Wings and their fans

    Welcome.. I dont think this series will be as even as you think... Wings most likely in 5 games.
  11. e_mcgrath88

    Look-a-like contest

    Jared Leto should have entered the contest. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedi.../content.4.html Anyway good luck Dats Z n' Homer.. I hope you win some tickets!
  12. e_mcgrath88

    Redwings Medallion Collection

    You can get the set for about $100 on the Bay.. not worth it in my opinion... its not a very nice set
  13. e_mcgrath88


    Made a few rookie mistakes but ya.. I really like his game.. I watched him in Grand Rapids a few games this year and he was one of the best players on the ice every time..
  14. e_mcgrath88


    Where is the Ass Hat Who said we lose the series if we lose game 4???
  15. strange thing is Pierre was backing the Wings to go all the way the last few years... anyways.. Pierre seems like an idiot but in reality he is one of the most knowledgeable guys in Hockey..