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  1. Apparently the Canucks tried to make a trade for Joe Thornton. The deal was almost a done deal when Nonis bailed out saying he didn't want to give up top goalie prospect, Cory Schneider. This rumor has fallen through.
  2. Hello from the creator. Haven't been here in a while glad to see you guys like this thread.
  3. Awww I'm not worried. Wings will take over now.
  4. Hey guys, dropping by checking on my thread. I'm proud The Wings are king some real a** and the Nucks aren't but I still really hope they meet up in the first round. It would be a good series. Anyway have fun guys. Best of luck in the playoffs.
  5. Just wondering, how many posts does it say I have? Because I think it is messed up for me. I have at least 20 posts.
  6. PETYL(post everytime you look) has got some catching up to do if it wants to catch WA(word association) I think it could happen though
  7. Happy New Year everybody. Canucks really suck right now so it's kinda making me angry. I thought that they would turn it around for 2006.
  8. I looked, hence a post must be made. Merry one day after Chrismas!
  9. Lol, you probably have a point there.
  10. Who wins, Sabres or Stars?
  11. The point is when you open it, you must post (obviously it you won't everytime...) And it's random talk, Hockey, what your doing, what happend today. ANYTHING. Thats the beauty of it, you can talk about it all.
  12. The "Post Everytime you look" thread in the Avs forum is 1927 pages long with 38520 replies. FYI
  13. Hey this sounds really stupid but, when is Legace coming back?
  14. This is a thread where whenever you open it, you have to post. You basically can discuss anything you want. Remember the rules, only one, POST EVERYTIME YOU LOOK