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  1. Coyote0106


  2. Coyote0106

    Griffns jerseys

    Lol. I know the feeling. I think I'm up to 26-27 jersey's right now!
  3. Coyote0106

    Griffns jerseys

    To put player on the replica isn't that doesn't cost much anyway! Edit: All Star Sports would put it on if the Zone charged to much. I believe the guy at All Star Sports used to the guy that was in charge of the stitching for the griff's if I'm not mistaken (or drunk).
  4. Coyote0106

    Trouble on the farm

    My understanding of the cause is this: Rosehill hit a Griffin, and got a 2 minute penalty when it should have been a 5, easy. Amadio took exception, and when he got out of the box went after him. After that all hell broke loose. I was listening with a few minutes left in the third, and Kaser explained it that way. As for coaching, last year I blame the "issues" on our captain, as well as some of the players that are gone now. The team was divided. I think this team needs to do the little things, and quit shooting at the crest on the goalie's jersey, and we will be fine.
  5. Facebook group gave me this thought... Their post was " So San Jose plays in the "HP Pavilion." FACT: "HP" stands for "Howard's Place." Wings in 4."
  6. Coyote0106

    Grand Rapids Viewing

    Depending on your area, try the Uccelo's in Caledonia. You just take M-37 south of GR, and you'll see it on your left, just before 84th St. They have 6 or 7 big screens, and the bar is surrounded in TV's...
  7. Some quick ones I just made...maybe this will get the other coyote fan going.
  8. Coyote0106

    Holy win streak!

    Lost 1 - 0 in OT, so the point streak continues...
  9. Coyote0106

    Holy win streak!

    Yeah, The Griffs actually have a WIN streak going! Beat up on Houston 7 - 2, Mursak and Kindl get into fights. Hopefully we can sweep Houston!
  10. Coyote0106

    1/29 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 4

    The AHL website has Abdelkader being sent down.
  11. Coyote0106

    Hamilton VS Grand Rapids (alt jersey night with pictures)

    Yep, Mursak went for $950. The Fiancee wasn't real happy with me, but I got another Mursak to add to the collection. I'm up to 6 Mursak Griffin jerseys.
  12. Coyote0106

    12/12 GDT: Milwaukee @ Grand Rapids

    Janik got his butt kicked. The guy was just bigger than him. The team didn't show up....Bad game all around.
  13. Coyote0106

    12/9 GDT: San Antonio @ Grand Rapids

    Well the last time we played SA, they spanked us, bad! We need to come out and show them we aren't the same team that lost by big margins in those two games. Hopefully there will be enough people at the arena to make it obvious.... This storm might make it a 1k (if that) crowd. Edit: I should be getting my 2 Mursak jersey's just in time for tonights game!
  14. Coyote0106

    12/4 Rockford @ Grand Rapids GDT

    Well he will have to get over his injury first....