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  1. Football is the most boring sport oh wait Fox just ran a "Nascar returns to Fox" commerical, I stand corrected.
  2. Shanahan-Datsyuk-Grigorenko works for me
  3. "This bag is not a toy" No s**t?
  4. Everybody Loves Raymond > Friends
  5. James Blunt sucks... My contribution to the world
  6. Pretty obvious during the press conference. No reason to risk it, hes made enough money to retire a happy/healthy man. Hes getting a wife soon and kids will be coming soon also. What more can he ask for?
  7. One word: Concussed Why risk it? We have a realiable work horse that was never a 30 goal scorer until last season(Fluke). He is one of the best players in the league on the defensive side of the puck. Allison is/was a great player but hes a center, one we don't need.
  8. Gagne if Forsberg comes back soon. Alex O if Forsberg gets hurt repeatedly. Jagr will get the Art Ross, Hart and most likely will be 2nd or 3rd in goal scoring.
  9. Spelling > You Datsyuk, Brodeur.
  10. Probably $15-$20K depending on the buyer. It could catch a pretty penny from hockey card companies. Bobby Orr jerseys from the same time sell for easily $50+. Orr isn't exactly as readily available though, Howe did play in a s**t load of games and obviously went through a lot of jerseys.
  11. Little comparison between Grigorenko, Ovechkin and Malkin. Grigorenko is obviously older but lets forget that for a minute: Grigorenko this season is scoring on a higher pace playing with Radovan Somik then Alexander Ovechkin did playing with Pavel Rosa, Alexander Frolov, Pavel Datsyuk and Maxim Afinogenov on Dynamo. Grigorenko is scoring at a .75 point per game to Alex O's .729 PPG. Malkin is in a league of his own, he basically has a point per game now that helps playing with ultra-shifty Chistov but Malkin is carrying the load. The stats also do not lie, there are currently 5 of Malkin's teamates in the RSL top 25 scoring while Grigorenko is the sole leader for his team in the top 25. Ovechkin, last season playing with an allstar lineup didn't even crack the top 6 in scoring on Dynamo. Alot of that has to do with finding playing time for NHL stars. In conclusion, Malkin is going to be the next Lecavalier/Thornton and will make an amazing 1-2 punch with Sidney Crosby. Grigorenko will find himself at home playing on a line with Datsyuk and hopefully Zetterberg. Grigorenko will bring the size/tinacity needed that Holmstromand Shanahan just can't provide. By no means do I believe Grigorenko will be better then Ovechkin but playing along Datsyuk he should make a strong case for the Calder. Unless Malkin comes to the league to