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  1. Lang trade rumor... again

    ummmm holmstrom had 29 goals last season and is like the only guy willing to pay the price in front of the net and you put him on the 4th line ?? lmao
  2. Comeback kids anybody think that even if lofberg and ritola have average seasons that the wings will give them a contract anyways ? they do got lots of potential and will be only 20 , plus we are the wings so moneys no problem im really hoping this year those guys realy break out in a big way , along with ryno
  3. Rumor:Antropov to Detroit

    Anyways! Listening to Leafs Lunch today on AM640 and my rumor was confirmed by Bill Watters that there are talks of Antropov going to Detroit the feeling being that Antropov would do well in different surroundings and he could produce on a line with Datsyuk." just saw that on spectors, looks like the rumor was confirmed ..........anyways if it was up to me i wouldnt want antropov or carter .........only good thing about getting antropov is his size , but he sucks lmao and he wouldnt cost much so we should have like 3 million at trade deadline which might get us a really good player anyways to add another 20 goal scorer were gonna have to trade someone like maltby cause we got to many forwards and last thing i want is to trade away the young guys like kopecky and hudler before they even have a chance to show what they got
  4. a nabakov 4 schneider thought

    ummmmm no thanks! i dont want nothing to do with that salary , we'll have to resign datsyuk holmstrom and kronwall at seasons end and last thing we need to do is use up 5 million cap space for 4 yrs on nabokov
  5. Rumor on XM Radio

    they wanna get rid of afinogenov cause of his potential salary but theyll take in lang's 3.8 million ......yaaaaaaa makes sense lol
  6. more redwings rumors Tuesday, July 25, 2006 Insider Report It's been busy, but the ITC team is working work to bring you the most accurate information in the NHL today. Here's a sample. ----- The Rangers are still in talks with the Hawks. The Hawks would really like to land Montoya, but at the same time they aren't willing to make a deal if Prucha isn't included in the package. This deal is also said to have more players in it besides the one's I named in my other reports on this subject. The Wings also made a call to the Rangers about two players. Those players being Montoya and Rozsival. The Red Wings are interested in bringing in Rozsival if Jonsson doesn't sign with them. The Wings have also been talking to the Habs about Lang, but there's been a hold up in the talks because another team has jumped in. I don't know who the team is as of the moment, but the Wings are talking to them. Probably trying to see if they can get more for Lang. The Wings also wouldn't mind grabbing Montoya. They wanted to drafted him in his draft year, but couldn't move up to grab him. From what I gather on the Rangers side, they won't trade Montoya unless they get a great package in return. The Wings are also still one of the teams in the bidding for Carter, but they won't pay him what he's asking for, which is 3 per season.
  7. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    hes still only 25 , i wouldnt get rid of him though and i dont think they will either .....just my opinion , still gots lots to offer , f*ck if their sooooooo afraid of him getting injured then trade jason williams for him straight up lol
  8. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    i really really doubt their gonna trade connolly , he was one of their best .........drury briere dumont connolly and kotalik arent going anywhere i would think
  9. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    isnt gonna be a spring chicken ?? lmao hes gonna be like 28 , since when is that old ?? he can still have another good 7-8 yrs depending how he goes anyways man no point talking bout this , im sure holland isnt even considering trading kronwall
  10. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    chelios and schneider will most likely be gone next year , all we'll have left is lidstrom for maybe another year with lebda and lilja having experience , quincey might come up after next season but kindl is playing another year in the ohl i believe and will most probably play at least 1 season in grand rapids so hes 3 yrs away krowall is realy really stupid he was the ahl best defencemen during the lockout and won the mvp award when the swede's took it all last yr kronwall isnt going anywhere
  11. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    ya cause having lebda is gonna make up for the loss of kronwall lol and dont forget within a a few years no chelios lidstrom schneider ..........defense is one postion we cant start trading off our roster , especially a guy with kronwall's potential , whos actually gonna have some nhl experience by the time the rookies will come in
  12. Biron possibly to be traded to the Wings this weekend.

    no way holland would trade kronwall , we got lidstrom and schneider and chelios leaving ........who would that leave us with lilja ?? lmao biron has a 1 year deal left , maybe a biron afinogenov for lang and a 2nd rounder , or just lang for biron straight up i still think we can get biron for a 2nd pick ......the guy has 1 year left on the deal , buffalo cant be asking for too much
  13. Anson Carter A Leaf ( Not Sure If Its Rumour Or Not)

    Agent: Carter not close to signing yet with the Leafs ITC sources have contacted Carter's agent and were told Carter is not close to signing with the Leafs at this time. In other words: He's signed, but we aren't going to tell you. ITC will keep you up to date in the Insider. TJ more stuff ......... Bruins make offer to Sykora. Boston makes offer for Sykora. Confirmed. More details information in the Insider on HN. TJ Talks Are Really Heating Up!!!!!! Florida is now talking to the Habs about Abby and to the Sabres about Biron. If all doesn't work, they will turn to Legace. Red Wings and Leafs holding court for Carter. Canucks still not out of the picture. More details in the Insider on TJ posted by Code at 4:25 PM
  14. anson carter to leafs

    topic says it all just says 2 year deal and details coming ........hes usually wrong but right when it comes to confirming a signing
  15. david abeischer signed

    just the qualifier one year deal 1.9 its on