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  1. Nope, but I was THIIIS close to going to it.
  3. Crosby's such a girl. He pulled Zidlicky's jersey over his head so the ref would stop the fight. Wow.
  4. That's really too bad; Whitney had 77 points last year (granted, playing on the first line) to Sammy's 40 in 1 less game. I'd take Whitney as a third liner over Sammy any day (or whatever Babs had him playing last year).
  5. I didn't read this whole thread, but for any of you Canadians you may remember Jay Onrait from TSN giving a beauty nickname a few years ago. Jan "Don't be a Playa" Hejda. BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA!
  6. Legace's only played for St. Louis since he left Detroit. The rest are legit though. But yeah, I miss Whitney. Bring him back. Trade Williams (and Bert for that matter) for Ray. Woo!
  7. I actually like it too. They were talking about how they wanted something that was classic and true to the "State of Hockey" part of Minny. I quite like this jersey.
  8. Agreed dude! I'm in my 3rd or 4th dynasty of EHM 2007. Haha. It sucks when a player like Eberle goes undrafted, and sucks bad after I sign him. Hahhah.
  9. This is the best picture I could find, and I don't see this woman anywhere.
  10. Sean Avery. I'm bigger than him, better looking than him, but I play like him. Haha.
  11. Post, or no-post call aside, what's the NHL/AHL to do? "Jee, Larry - You sure dropped the ball on that shootout last night. You should get your vision/sanity checked out. P.S., you're officiating the Maple Leafs game on Saturday; make sure they lose." There's really not the league can do that wouldn't piss of the Ref's union.
  12. I agree with you, but there's not much the league can do. Fine him and say that his seeing is off or his judgment is wrong? Redo the game? Suspend him for saying that he couldn't see where a 60 mp/h shot hit? Like I said, I totally agree that they get off scott free, but it's hard to see what anyone could do.
  13. Masks can do more than that. Josh Hardin's sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Josh wanted to do something to help bring attention to the cause. (You can read all about it at Here are some pictures of his mask.. And a throw back to old goalie masks..
  14. First of all, I wasn't saying that we would have taken Green. Haha. Secondly, I wasn't saying it was too bad we lost Fleischman.