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  1. pens in 6
  2. sadly do you see any of these teams beating Pittsburgh
  3. uh huh this but to be honest it was 3-1 but still
  4. i fn love it
  5. i feel bad for the blue jackets because they just cant seem to get to the 2nd round and this is only their 3rd Playoff series altogether
  6. ugh idk guys i dont think there is anytime that can stop the pens even the caps and it makes me sad that this team could go back to back
  7. good win that wont happend again blackhawks are too good
  8. i for one hope that if we dot land the 1 one pick that we get a chance at vilardi or rasmussen id perfer Rasmussen for his size and the fact id love a big Center
  9. this one is tough but clg in 7
  10. as much as i hate to say it chi in 5
  11. ah blues in 6
  12. mtl in 6 still cant see rags pulling this one
  13. bos in 7
  14. caps in 6