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  1. Maybe we can get McCarty back? lol i wish
  2. Cap you honestly think Lebda can go straight up for Vyborny?
  3. What we get in return doesnt help? (not arguing really just trying to get conversation )
  4. True but how much damage can they do to us?
  5. To Detriot David Vyborny Micheal Rupp To Columbus Robert Lang Brett Lebda 3rd Rounder He's a deal that Ive been thinking of. I know Vyborny isnt a big guy at 5'10 but he's a presence on the wing and is very fast and can set up Shanny very nicely. Michael Rupp is huge and a big hitter. We need a player like this 6'5 230 pounds isnt easy to move around. He can throw the body around and if he needs to can throw some fists. We are losing Lang and Lebda and a first. I dont think we need Lebda even though he looks like he can be a great Offensive Defenceman. But we have Kronwall and Quincey who will most likely become 4-7 defencemen. Lang as we all know can be traded and not hurt us that much. He's a salary dump for us but Lang will give Columbus a great Center behind or infront of Fedorov and help them next year to get a playoff spot. It doesnt matter much about the 3rd I mean we have a first rounder still if we are in the first round and have nothing to draft we can draft lower and get more picks to fill small holes. Thoughts...
  6. Useless
  7. I would only take the chance with Nabakov. Those other goalies are great backup goalies and should stay that way.
  8. Ill give you that Seth but if you want and need someone you gotta give more. I also believe Kronwall will become a great defence man. So maybe your right its alittle to much would would you think if I replaced Kronwall for say Kyle Quincey whom has great potential but is still less of a risk to let go opposed to Kronwall. I think picking up Morris gives us a hard hitting D that we need. I know we lose youth but our drafting is so well done im not even concerned with it.
  9. Doan is a great effing hockey player. Team Canada player caption of Pheonix. Im totally for trading Dats even though I love the guy and all. But cmon Shane Doan is Brendan Shanahan but younger more wise with the puck and doesnt hit the post 3 times a game. Lang is a very talented player but Doan is 100% better than him and his potential is as high as can be. Lang + Hudler... Gretzky would laugh at that. I would go as far as to give Datsyuk + Kronwall + 1st Rounder for Shane Doan and Derrick Morris how does that float with you guys?
  10. I would rather pick up Nabakov he's a great goalies great potential and alot less.
  11. We dont want a super star we need some grit players.
  12. When I went to watch the Pens playing in Pittsburg last season their was one thing I really noticed. The Fans love Malone. I no that they didnt have much talent then but he is American and he's a great player for young kids to look up to. I think when Mario gets back Malone will find a suitable seat on the line up. Should be interesting dilema
  13. Lapointe is washed out in my opinion. It's like his what? 3rd team in 2 seasons?
  14. I like Lang I really do but if this trade is on the table I take it.