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  1. Legionnaire11

    2/28 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Predators 8

    don't post anymore here and rarely read, but someone told me to check this out. You just failed all over the place. Obviously mistaking me for another preds poster. I've never been in a hockey chat room period. Last time I was in a chat room was probably over 10 years ago. Have also never read Eklunds boards. I'm not really part of any clique, in fact i've often feuded with members of the so-called clique on the preds boards. Have had full or partial season tickets for the past 5 seasons, and have had center ice just as long... I haven't posted here in over a year either and I know there are plenty of Pred trolls that show up around here. As far as I know Dr. Single and myself were the only two who tried to come and talk sensible hockey with LGW, I met many wonderful posters such as Drake, Esteef, NFM, HC and too many others to name, but of course there was the handful of idiots like you who ruined it. As for planning to meet you and bring a bunch of friends... That's hilarious, but completely was not me. So, you can keep ripping me on here if you want, but you should probably figure out who you are trying to bash first. Certainly isn't me.
  2. Legionnaire11

    1st Round Opponent: Flames or Predators

    for someone who supposedly knows so much about Nashville and the Predators, you sure do take an aweful lot of offense to "red wings suck".... 10 Simple Rules I'd love to chat about the series here with the decent fans, Hockey Crazy, Edicious, Eva Unit, NFM, Osgod, and many, many, many more... unfortunately, i'm not sure that will be possible, basically because of you probert, i'm not going to come here if I feel like i'm going to be spending time proving myself to you, as I said earlier it's just not worth my time anymore. I had a blast on here in '04, since then there have been probably 3 posters here that just cannot deal with my presence. So i'll just go on my way, it's not going to make a difference here if i'm posting or not. Have fun with the playoffs, it's going to be a great series!!
  3. Legionnaire11

    1st Round Opponent: Flames or Predators

    wings DO suck... sorry that you don't understand that. and again, whenever you're ready to prove me wrong, step up and bring it... you haven't so far, preds secured local ownership, a new lease, hit the revenue sharing numbers and made the playoffs. So yes, there is a LARGE pile of crow ready to be eaten by the rest of the hockey world. like I said, love the majority here, great fans! but there are a few bad ones that I just don't feel like dealing with anymore ^^^^^
  4. Legionnaire11

    1st Round Opponent: Flames or Predators

    Hey Wings friends! I'm really hoping the Preds can lose tonight in Chicago so that we can play the wings in the first round. There will be a barbecue in Nashville, everyone else from around the league is invited to come and eat your crow. Haven't been posting around here much this season, and I don't guess i'll be around much in the playoffs either, I really do enjoy chatting with the majority around here, but the few bad apples just add too much stress that I haven't needed to deal with this season on top of what went on last summer. I'd wish the Wings good luck as usual... but not against my Preds. can't wait to get this series going next week!!!
  5. Legionnaire11

    2/12 GDT: Predators 4, Red Wings 2

    there have been some jokes made about it on our boards, but i've never seen anyone who seriously thinks we could make a run at it. though, if you take the pace that each team is on in the last 4 games, and average it out over the rest of the season...
  6. Legionnaire11

    2/12 GDT: Predators 4, Red Wings 2

    what a beautiful game! nothing like whipping the wings! Hang in there Wings fans, preds had a 6 game slide and a 5 game slide earlier this season so I know what you're feeling. But come on, this is the Detroit Red Wings, they'll come back out of this and dominate again. For your sake it's better to slump now and then hit your stride again for the playoffs.
  7. Legionnaire11

    2/12 GDT: Predators 4, Red Wings 2

  8. Legionnaire11

    2/12 GDT: Predators 4, Red Wings 2

    What is this? Red Wings? Predators? oh there must be a hockey game tonight!!!! Erat should be back. But how effective will he be? Also Dumont is having pain when he takes deep breaths. Raining right now, temperature dropping. They're calling for Snow/Ice later tonight, two tuesday games in a row with terrible weather. I expect a boring Wings victory tonight. Preds blew up the Yotes on sunday, but they have been battling Flu for the last two weeks and a number of small injuries. I imagine that getting home from a weekend roadie, they'll come out slow, manage to keep the game interesting but never be able to overcome and force anything tonight. Wings - 4 (maybe 5 into an empty net) Preds - 2
  9. Legionnaire11

    J.P. Dumont

    A player who will give you 20-30 goals each year and is on a 15 game point streak? a player like that?
  10. Legionnaire11

    New Rule being discussed

    with today's technology, how can we not create some kind of goalie pads that are smaller and still offer as much if not more protection that what they currently wear? change up the materials and put some real limitations on them. Like, make the leg pads no wider than 8 inches, and no thicker than 3 inches. limit the catching glove so that when it's full open, the basket part of it measures no more than 10" across. I don't know what a good limit on the upper body pads would be. as long as the material offers enough protection, there's no reason not to reduce the sizes.
  11. Legionnaire11

    Could a morbidly obese goalie shut out an NHL team?

    Think about the pads that would be required to cover a body that size... would they even be legal pads according to NHL rules? If the rules don't permit large enough pads, it would be CRAZY for someone to get in net and face NHL shooters, they would be in for a serious amount of pain on a nightly basis.
  12. Legionnaire11


    there's a revenue clause/buyout after 3 years, but it will be fairly difficult to hit. They'd have to lose $20M in 3 years, and then pay another $20M I think after 3 years if they want to leave. After the 4th season they'd have to pay an additional $25 and then after the 5th year it would only be like $15M. So they would basically have to double their losses if they wanted to get out of the lease. I don't know what happens after 5 years are up, they may be renegotiating a new lease then. new President of Business Operations Ed Lang was on the radio earlier and stated that revenues are way up this season. as for the fight, it wasn't really that great. Shelley started with some rabbit punches, and Parros got some good shots at the end, but other than that nothing happening.
  13. Legionnaire11


    The sale of the team is complete. The sale of the team and the lease changes are two seperate issues. Regardless of how the lease changes turn out, Freeman/Boots are the owners. The transfer of ownership took place last friday, that's why Legwand was re-signed, because the new owners are in charge now. They are also unveiling the new "President of Business Operations" who was hired today. The lease changes could be voted down and it wouldn't change anything with the ownership. It's done, complete. Leipold no longer owns the team. Freeman/Boots owns the team. The only reason that Leipold is even in the picture anymore is that he is loaned the new group $20M. As soon as the lease changes are approved, then the banks will sign off on a $20M loan which will pay Leipold back. If they don't, then it's up to the new owners to pay Leipold back. Either way, it's their team, officially. There is no more story to it, no chance that it can suddenly be reversed and Leipold is back as the owner.
  14. Legionnaire11

    12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    he was pushed into Osgood (thus no interference), and then he wasn't even touching him when the goal was scored. Don't blame the officials for no shutout, blame Osgood for taking his eye off the puck long enough for it to squeek through the 5 hole before he closed it up. Should have been an easy save even with Legwand in the crease. Osgood was either anticipating a bigger collision with Legwand or an interference call and took his attention off the puck. End result, a pretty soft goal for Gelinas
  15. Legionnaire11


    they've already transfered ownership. the only interest Leipold still has in the team is a loan for amount that the Banks are withholding until the new lease changes are approved. Either way, it's Freeman/Boots running things now. The lease changes will be approved, but if for some reason they are not, then the new owners are just in debt to Leipold instead of the banks. I believe the Metro Council votes on the changes on the 18th of this month. The Sports Authority has a vote too, but it doesn't mean anything, they are more of an advisory group.