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  1. October Desktop Wallpaper NOW AVAILABLE!

    Best Wallpaper yet!! Thanks!!
  2. CONFERENCE FINAL Wallpaper Now Available!

    Another Awesome Job, Thanks Matt!!!!
  3. ROUND 2 Playoff Wallpaper Now Available

    Thanks Matt, Great job!!!
  4. Game 5: (4/21) Flames @ Red Wings - 3:00 PM ET

    Let's go RED WINGS!!!!!
  5. Ozzie has had a great year

    Couldn't of said it better myself!! Here's to Ozzie on a great year!!!
  6. 3/13 GDT: Red Wings @ Predators

    Wings win this one 4-2! Go Wings!! Go Ozzie!!
  7. 3/6 GDT: Predators @ Red Wings

    So, So Lucky!!! Have a great time and take lots of pictures.. especially of Oz!!!
  8. Who's your favorite Wing?

    That would be Chris Osgood. He has been my favorite ever since I started watching the Wings back in 1996. I am just drawn to him. He is an awesome player like others have mentioned so mentally tough. He's so determined and confident. I was just watching yesterday game 6 against Dallas of the 1998 Stanley cup playoffs it's the game right after Osgood let in that center ice goal by Jamie Langenbrunner and all the media etc cast doubt over Ozzie. Game 6 Ozzie came out to shine and played spectacular and got the shut out. I wont forget when in the second period Ozzie made a awesome save and the commentator said "What a save, What a save..Osgood has just redeemed himself". Love it! Gives me goosebumps evertime. They interviewed Oz about it and he said I knew after game 5 I said to myself I'm gonna go out there and have the best game and he did didn't he. I'm so glad he is back wearing the Winged wheel again. I was sad to see him go and ecstatic when he returned. He loves playing for Detroit..couldn't find a guy more proud to be called a Detroit Red Wing.
  9. 3/4/2007 Red Wings vs. Avalanche Pictures

    Thanks for sharing these pics!! Especially the Ozzie ones!!
  10. 3/6 GDT: Predators @ Red Wings

    Can't wait to see this game! Wings come out strong and Ozzie will have an awesome game! Wings 4 Predators 1
  11. 3/2 GDT: Blackhawks @ Red Wings

    Looking forward to this game. Go Wings!! Go Ozzie!! Wings win 5-2
  12. Training Camp 2006!

    Thanks wingsgirl for the ticket info! Have you three who are already going for sure planned a time/day that you are going and what kind of tickets you are buying? Are you guys just going for one day or? Anyways I'll be happy to go along with whatever you all plan as like I said I've never been there before so really don't have a clue as to what to do really. The only problem I might have is actually getting there. I just realized Traverse City is pretty far from where I will be staying in Michigan. Are you all driving there separately or?
  13. Training Camp 2006!

    I would love to go!!! I am actually planning on being in Michigan around that time too. I've always wanted to go to training camp but never have. I think it would be so much fun to go as a group. How would we all meet up though and know who is who? Also do we need to buy tickets and if so where and how much are they?
  14. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    I was just on and came across this.. July 5th, 2006 "Ice chips General manager Ken Holland hopes to hear from Brendan Shanahan 's agent today or Thursday. Shanahan, a free-agent forward, is attracting interest from St. Louis, Boston, the Rangers, Montreal and Toronto. The Wings are offering Shanahan a slight raise above the $2.18 million he made last season.." I don't think $ 4 million a year from the $ 2.18 million he made last season is a slight raise.....