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  1. Shanahan. Lidstrom has the personality of an unusually dull rock. He's a great player, but I would want someone a little more fiery to wear the C, someone with the ability to lead by example AND the ability to take charge in the locker room and isn't afraid to shake things up if he has to. Shanahan is that guy, he should be captain the next 2-3 years until he retires, then the new generation can take over Agreed^^^
  2. Thats the only thing i dont like about most wings fans they get WAY to attached to the players on the team
  3. wow howard sucks you just made everyone reading this topic stuipider congrats
  4. and i fight the battle for them not to be ^^^^
  5. sure
  6. Keep Osgood Trade legace and lang for demitra Dont resign Lilja Acquire Witt Dont resign Rivers or Mowers Yzermanplays another year Grigorenko is still a year away Sign Weight then trade him for someone Woolley retires
  7. Nice to see some ozzie fans here most places i go EVERYONE hate ozzie
  8. Yeah well I think its a great trade lidstrom is a sissy who cant take a hit and Mccabe would be the rough guy that we dont have to replace mccarty
  9. Yea well thats not the only thing mccabe is good at he has a devestating hip check...come to think of it can lidstrom even check and mccabe is just about as good defensivly as lidstrom is. explained be the leafs losing streak after mccabe went down
  10. Do you think its a good trade ? I think so
  11. I believe its a tie they are both legends you just cant choose one or the other
  12. Well? I believe osgood is because he always makes great saves and 50% of the ones he lets in are not even his fault he just gets screwed by the d-fence etc.