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    WCSF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    Come back when you learn to speak English.
  3. GiantRobot

    Fight in the stands

    I laughed out loud at that one. Youre 100% right, it just pisses me off. I know it's pointless though to argue with them...
  4. GiantRobot

    Fight in the stands

    I just posted this over at HF boards, Im sure it will be deleted in about 8 seconds... Columbus boards at HF This is seriously what you're proud of? And please don't call me a troll or delete my post; if you fans are condoning someone attacking a fan of a rival team and starting threads calling them a hero, then people have a right to respond, even if they disagree. So Top shelf is your big hero? Jumping a Red Wing fan at your arena, and getting into something with security at Joe Louis? I guess we better hope no Wing gets a hat trick at your arena, or else it might turn into a Top Shelf riot. How about enjoy your teams first playoff berth ever, and not resort to goonery over a tradition that's existed about 10 times as long as your franchise has. And Mod's, I'm sure you'll delete this in about 10 seconds, but let me ask you this; Why do you leave posts up condoning violence, but take down the ones that call BS on the whole practice. Sure you closed the "Top Shelf" thread, but you deleted all of the posts not in agreement with the condoning of violence. That doesn't sound very mod-like to me. I guess you get to pick and choose.
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    hfboards(possible flames fan) at it again

    He even uses the same avatar as... oh nevermind
  6. GiantRobot

    Im done with the NHL

    But you shouldnt care, youre leaving. So go...
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    The Ridiculous Complaint Thread

    Best quote ever.
  8. GiantRobot

    Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    Because we aren't from Pittsburgh?
  9. GiantRobot

    Flipper's Goal!

    And the point is? Just once id like to hear you say "Hell yes, that was awesome" instead of breaking everyone down on the what ifs and why shoulds...
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    Videos from Game 2

    Had VLC player before and didnt like it... mp4 does me no good anyhow, I want to make GIFS from the clips and I need a standard videoformat. Thanks though.
  11. GiantRobot

    Videos from Game 2

    The MP4 files are audio not video. Does anyone know a site that posts these vids in mpeg, AVI, or wmv format?
  12. GiantRobot

    Flipper's Goal!

    give me a video clip that isnt from youtube and Ill do it now
  13. GiantRobot

    scuffle at the end of the game

    100% agree... Seeing him coming to his team matesdefesnse and hammer Roberts was as awesome as it was unexpected.
  14. GiantRobot

    Franzen cleared to practice FULL OUT

    This si what id like to see: Holmstrom - Zetterberg - Datsyuk Franzen - Filppula - Hudler Cleary - Draper - Samuelsson Drake - Helm - Maltby
  15. GiantRobot

    Conn Smythe Trophy Discussion

    He's not by the wayside, he's just in thrid behind Z and Ozzie.
  16. GiantRobot

    Good Start Wings

    Maybe not you, but plenty of other Pens fans/Wings haters.
  17. GiantRobot

    Good Start Wings

    How exactly does winning game two suddenly swing the series in their favor..and back in their favor? LOL
  18. GiantRobot

    Penguins franchise deserves no credit

    This thread is crazy, as is the point that Pittsburgh deserves no credit, but realistically without Sid the Kid and Geno, it doesn't matter who they traded for or signed. So while it definitely takes more than 5 players to make a championship caliber team, without those 5 players, they aren't a championship caliber team.
  19. GiantRobot

    Welcome Pens Fans

    Recognize it all you want, it isnt close to being better. 1st in the league this year, first in the playoffs... weve allowed our opponents 100 less shots on goal, so yes that is better. Anyways, welcome, and good luck.
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    Lineup for Game 1 of the Finals!

    I like!
  21. GiantRobot

    Top 10 players in the world today

    Lidstrom Ovechkin Crosby Zetterberg Datsyuk Malkin Iginla Lecavalier Heatley Luongo
  22. GiantRobot

    Would you consider the season a disappointment?

    Quoted for truth
  23. GiantRobot

    New Lines @ Practice

    Hudler is our 4th leading scorer in the playoffs... its about time he got second line minutes. Maltby also needs to be sharing 4th line minutes, and sticking to the special teams.
  24. GiantRobot

    2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like the guy from Hostel?