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  1. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    I did not see this coming. What a kick to the groin this is. He was my favourite Wing after Cleary. I won't be getting #26 on the back of my jersey now.
  2. Team Canada Camp Roster

    Very excited here in Newfoundland. I was only a little excited about the Olympics before today, but knowing that Danny is on the camp roster has ratcheted up the excitement for me. I will be over the moon if he makes the team, and so will the rest of Newfoundland. And for the naysayers who say Cleary doesn't belong there and is only there because he's a Red Wing, get a life. He has come a long way in the past 4 years and without him this postseason I doubt they would have got as far as they did. He scored some HUGE goals in the playoffs. I'm not saying he's in the same league as Dats or Hank, but he has a role and he fills it well. He can play on all four lines and never looks out of place. He is a high tempo guy and the Canadian team is going to need those players if they want to win the gold.
  3. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

    $1.2 million????????????? Sweet Mother of God.
  4. Wings select Landon Ferraro at 32nd overall

    loving this pick, and the Tatar one as well!
  5. Chelios Press Conference

    I'd love for him to stick around as an assistant coach. Have any details come out though?
  6. What about when Steve Yzerman makes this decision?

    I think he's just as much of a whiner as Crosby sometimes, but I think Iginla is captain for sure.
  7. What will..

    Diet Pepsi
  8. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

  9. Al the Octopus

    He watches every game with me. I couldn't find him for game 1 and I almost freaked but luckily I located him under a pile of clothes in my room. I got mine at the Joe in 2006, around $20 or so.
  10. MVP - Ozzie or Hank

    This would be a very hard choice. Up until the Final I would have said Ozzie and if he ends up being the choice I am completely ok with it. But Hank has really stepped it up against Crosby. The other thing is, and the CBC broadcast mentioned this last night, is that he's had to play against Nash, Getzlaf, and Toews/Kane throughout these playoffs and has done a pretty solid job of shutting them all down. I would vote for Hank, but only by a slight margin. If the Wings win the order should be: 1. Hank 2. Ozzie 3. Cleary
  11. can we resign Hossa and Hudler/Samuelsson?

    They are fairly close to the cap as it is. I don't see it happening without moving some salary out. Enjoy Huddles and Sammy while you can.
  12. Pavel Datsyuk, Kris Draper remain out for game 2

    As much as I hate to say it, I really think we've seen the last of Dats this season. For him to be out this long there has to be something seriously wrong with his foot. I'd love to get him back but the fill-ins have been great. If he's back, great, but if not our young guys have stepped up big time.
  13. Lidstrom out for game 4

    The colour drained out of my body when I heard the news. Mother of God. Need to keep the faith.
  14. Old School Wings T shirts

    I remember these types of shirts, I had a Stevie Y one when I was way younger, like 7-8 years old.