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  1. Airborn


  2. Airborn

    Hat's off to Mccarty!

    Classic line from Thorne... Clement: "There's even one [octopus] behind Patrick Roy; how'd that get in there" Thorne: "Darren McCarty shot it in there, probably: Shooting everything else in there!"
  3. Airborn

    Your Thoughts on Best......

    Perfect response. Holmstrom's hands are very good. He can't skate for sh**, but there's nothing wrong with his hands.
  4. Airborn

    Greatest Lines in Hockey History

    Forgetting stats and reputations, the greatest line I ever personally saw was the Russian Five. The way those guys cycled the puck and maintained posession was like anything I ever saw before or after. At times, it literally looked like a Globetrotters skit, as they made play after play, the crowd would get lounder and louder until it was basically a standing ovation.
  5. Airborn

    Milbury joins HNIC

    He'd be a bizarro replacement, as Milbury has been extremely outspoken about the stupidity of the bias against European players. I think, if anything, he was brought in to be a balance to Cherry. BTW, I love Cherry; I just don't agree with a lot of his views if that makes any sence. I also like Milbury a lot as an analyst, and I wish TSN/Versus could have retained him.
  6. Airborn


    Sorry, I guess we just use the term differently. I don't consider someone who switches teams after 9 years a hired gun, but I guess Gretzky and Hull must fall into that category for you as well.
  7. Airborn


    Hired gun! He spent 9 years here, winning 3 cups and scoring over 300 goals. I hardly think that qualifies as being a hired gun.
  8. Airborn

    Who is gonna be the best steal in the offseason?

    You guys must have a different definition of steal than I do. Avery, Rolston, and Hossa might be good signings, but they definitely won't be steals. Ray Emery has the potential to be steal for someone. He's not going to cost much at all, yet he still has a lot of talent. Yes, there are character concerns, but with the right team structure, those can be mitigated.
  9. Airborn

    Olli Jokinen to Phoenix

    I'm really glad for Jokinen. He finally gets to play in a first class organization with a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Also, it's going to be amazing for him to play in market that actually cares about hockey! Boy is he in a for a treat next season.
  10. Airborn

    2008 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    He's down at the local tavern. Stinkin' Irish!
  11. Airborn

    2008 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    You're forgetting out best goalie prospect. You know the one playing in Buffallo, I think he's named Miller or something.
  12. Airborn

    2008 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    Because Jim Nill told him too?
  13. Airborn

    Unsung hero of the season

    How about Brian Burke? Without him, the Wings would have re-signed Schneider and Bertuzzi. When Burke signed Schneider Holland turned to Rafalski who ended up being the best D partner Lidstrom's ever had (Lids' words, not mine). As for Bertuzzi, he would have been playing in front of the Mule, likely keeping him in a defensive role.
  14. Airborn

    Stuart may miss start of Round 2

    I think people who are comparing Stuart taking this time off to an average "joe" taking time off for his child's birth are way off-base. I don't know about you guys, but if I take a day off work, there's zero chance my company could go out of business, no matter what day I take off! As a father of 3, I'm honestly conflicted. I understand the great feeling involved with being at your child's birth. However, athletes are compensated at extreme levels, and their is generally an understanding that goes with that: "The team comes first." It's not a bad deal, as you set yourself and family up for life by playing a childs game for about 10 to 15 years on average, and then you could choose to retire. I can't ever remember a situation where a player missed a playoff game for a child's birth. Who knows, maybe times are a changin, but I know I'll be pretty disappointed if Stuart isn't there for game one. Edit: The only other thing I'd add is that we might not know all the details. If there were any type of complication or consern for the mother or baby's health, then I think it would be a no-brainer to give him as much time as he needs.
  15. Airborn

    Tootoo's mistake...

    I thought it was Stuart with his hit in the 1st period. If you go back and watch the hit, you'll notice Stuart finishes it pretty high with his gloves in Tootoo's face.