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  1. YouTube sucking for me right now -- can't em to load -- oh well, I have some hockey fight videos right here to watch ...
  2. Thats Pavs for ya -- he'll get the bloodlust when it counts. Last exhibition I'm sure he was thinking highlight reel.
  3. LOL -- swedes don't like Bertuzzi either -- poor guy gets booed in every building ...
  4. Alright so who is the fetus playing goal for Farjestad then?
  5. GDT

    Hat & Roster T on the way ... WOOOOOO
  6. GDT

    No Burnin' cars 'Red!!! HAVE A BLAST!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  7. GDT

    My Vote: Ozzie -- Conn Smyth
  8. GDT

    WOOO -- Show that puck streaking harmlessly over the crease OVER AND OVER! It never gets old hearing 20K people go "ARRRRRRRRGHHH"
  9. GDT

  10. GDT

    <coug> less time on the clock than Monday <cough>
  11. GDT

    C'mon boys -- EMPTY NETTER!
  12. GDT

    I dunno who Lilja's whining to about not having a stick .... Of all the damn things to hold on to with 2:00 left!
  13. GDT

    6 on 4 ... G!@#$$%^$@ WEAK ASS PENALTY CALL ...