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    Doc Holliday's Wager

    don't take it as a sign, Tombstone's always on. But i'm with you. Wings win.
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    2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    SJS/COL: 4-1 CHI/NSH: 4-3 VAN/LAK: 4-3 PHX/DET: 4-2 WAS/MTL: 4-1 NJD/PHI: 4-2 BUF/BOS: 4-2 PIT/OTT: 4-1 WC Champion: detroit EC Champion: buffalo SCF Champion: detroit
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    Team USA Appreciation Thread

    Paul Martin was the other D man that missed the Olympics
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    Canes bench their Captain; Gets first road win

    he's exactly the type of d-man that needs to be playing with Ericcson
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    What can Lidstrom do to fire up the boys?

    honestly, in terms of the players attitudes toward one another, i dont think its time to start cracking skulls just yet. its not simply a lack of effort. obviously injuries are hurting us and theres nothing you can do about that. the bigger problem is that we arent finishing. if we were converting more, the majority of threads would be talking about how "we arent playing particularly well but we're winning so who cares as long as we fix it before the playoffs." if we can just focus on taking advantage of the opportunities we get we'll start seeing a lot of these one goal losses turn into one goal wins. SPECIFICALLY ON THE POWER PLAY!!! we could have an extra goal a game at the very least if we would just start capitalizing. when your snake-bitten offensively, everything gets put under the microscope and confidence is at a premium...... so i dont think we need a Maury Povich drill sergeant quite yet
  7. Todd Bertuzzi is the reason people deserve 2nd chances in life. obviously what he did was awful but i think he truly regrets it and im proud to have him in a Wings jersey. i think hes playing pretty damn good in accordance with his salary. now if we can just reduce the size of the goal posts by about an inch he'll be golden. p.s. its nice to see him smile once in a while again, i really do think he likes it here
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    Future in net currently residing in Grand Rapids

    ive never been able to see either one of them play. whats their style? is there an NHL goalie you could compare them to in terms of where they might end up skill wise?
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    .5" the other way and all Bert threads would be talking about how great he is and how smart Holland was. i think he's been pretty damn good, especially when you consider his salary. he actually reminds me of the way Franzen played before he broke out..........
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    Malik with a Pretty Intense Article

    welcome to the world that most NHL fans live in. the truth is that its hard to be successful in this league from one season to the next, let alone 15 in a row. are we a bad team? far from it. are we a great team? far from it. start getting used to the feeling of being a fan of an average team. this is what a salary cap is supposed to do, level the playing field. it just took longer to affect us, mostly because of the amazing job of people like Jimmy D. so dont tear his head off when hes honest. i think our organization is filled with pro-active, optimistic, realists. in my opinion they know that ripping everyone a new ******* like Malik did, isnt going to help the situation. they also realize that if we are lucky and end up firing on all cylinders, we could be better than most teams. if they feel that a little shake up will help the team theyll do it. if not, they wont. just trust them for gods sake! sit back, relax, and try to enjoy yourselves. i dont care if we are a 1 seed, an 8 seed, or in last place. im still gonna love the Wings. hell, it could actually be an exciting new experience to be the underdogs for once. and if none of this seemed to connect with you and youd still rather bash the Wings, just remind yourself of how hard it is to be a Lions fan and youll see that life in Hockeytown isnt so bad
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    Franzen-Filipula-Prospal im really liking the idea of that...
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    NHL asks IIHF, KHL to negate Hudler's KHL Contract

    this is becoming one big mess!! hopefully this means we can at least get some form of compensation for Huds????
  13. scotvm

    What about Afinogenov?

    Afineganov is actually a little bigger than Huds, about 2 inches and 10 lbs more. so thats another positive
  14. scotvm

    Tippett fired in Dallas

    this is totally bogus! considering the injuries Dallas had this year, he should not have been fired. although shaving the mustache probably didnt help his cause!
  15. scotvm

    game 4 lines?

    call me crazy but id sit malts over abs.... i mean the kid has scored 2 huge goals for us and brings tons of energy. abs-drapes-sammy that seems pretty good to me. puck possession from faceoffs, good cyle, and a little offensive touch
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    Matt and Mod Appreciation Thread ............. theres no place like home, theres no place like home. you guys are fantastic, this site is such a postive part of my life. thanks everybody!!!!!!
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    Justin Abdelkader Appreciation thread

    how bout T-1000
  18. scotvm

    Malkin's penalty rescinded (merged)

    haha "over the line, mark it zero!!"
  19. scotvm

    Pens Boards, (merged)

    haha someone should tell them that if the "law of averages plays out" theyre in even more trouble........ Fleury's save percentage and goals against average are lower than Ozzie's
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    1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

    league scheduling cant stop us. go wings!
  21. Mike Babcock hunts with his bare hands
  22. scotvm

    1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

    keep on rolling baby!
  23. haha, oh man Talex, i didnt mean to open a can of worms with my latest photoshop piece. i just got sick of all the crosby is a baby posts, theyre getting old! but you are definitely right, today is all about the wings not politics. it doesnt matter to me if youre on the left or the right as long as your heart is with detroit GO WINGS!!!!!!!!