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  1. 9 goals, five games. WTF happened? Is it possible Helm is really that critical to make the 3rd and 4th lines that much better?
  2. This is what I've been thinking for most of the series.
  3. This "fine" is so pitiful, I'm almost tempted to respond after trying to avoid posting anything here for a year... ...however, I'm afraid that I would use "poo-poo bad hurtful" words that the powers-that-be on this board would think are BAD NAUGHTY, so I won't. Come on everyone, let's sing "Koombaya" and not use such LANGUAGE as "B.S.", etc. Mr. Weber is simply misunderstood and now has had a serious talking to...all will now be friendly and better!
  4. Well said, and good lord, watching this game it's true, but OH, the LANGUAGE!!! I'm SURE I would get banned by the powers that be if used such hurtful, boo-boo-inducing speech!
  5. I know that there are many delicate sensibilities at the top of this board who are EASILY offended, and, oh dear, upsetting words makes the baby Jesus cry, but when it comes to the prospect of Cindy never playing again: "sympathy" lies somewhere between "s***" and "syphillis" in the dictionary.
  6. I am reluctant to add comments any more due to the extraordinarily delicate and easily-traumatized sensibilities of some involved in this board, but good heavens (LANGUAGE!) I do not feel this is an entirely good and happy signing.
  7. "Dear God, I will burn down a crowded orphanage if we don't tie this game up." Amen.
  8. Does anybody have a link of Joe "OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD A SMALL GIRL STRUCK ME! HELP! HELP! THE PAIN IS AGONIZING AND I MAY NEVER WALK AGAIN" Thornton writhing in agony after being lightly grazed on the ankle guard?
  9. I still think Homer needs to get in front of Niemi like we know he can. I think Niemi could be thrown off his focus with a pestering Holmstrom in his face, and the big rebounds big for somebody there to pound them home.
  10. OH MY GOD!!! I think I hurt myself laughing! Over on the Sharks board they were talking abour "refs handing Wings" game. HAHAHAHHAHAHHahahhahahahAHAHHAHAHehhehehehehhehhohohooHHHOOHHHOHHOOHHH!HH!H!H!HH!HAHAAHAAH~
  11. Modano in game 6?
  12. They give them a half-second WHY???
  13. My heart's beating so goddam hard...
  14. Frickin' tribute-inducing penalty kill right there.