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  1. Regarding the fact that no team has come back from a deficit like this..i would like to add that the wings have broken records before...
  2. I was hoping someone would add that shot into the photoshop thread..the possibilities are endless with that one
  3. Applicator!!...ha ha ha that rocks!! Im calling him that from now on...
  4. Can you believe that mule was never expected to play much more than a third line/grinder role in the nhl by most of the scouts..he's sure proven them all wrong..
  5. Mule and bert clicking tonight...
  6. Thornton gettin all goon up in here..
  7. Oh man..clock killed that sweet breakaway...damn...
  8. If stuart is out (banish the thought)..who fills in do you think?? Or is that a topic for its own thread..
  9. Who are they gonna put in net next???
  10. Announcer for tsn callin this series a "disaster so far for the wings"...really??..a disaster??...all one goal games,getting raped by the refs..etc..i would hardly call it a disaster..what a d-bag..
  11. Sadly i was ready to give up on a chance of winning this series...but im feeling the mojo coming back!!
  12. Great...wings letting it all slip away..
  13. Most amazing thing though..both one goal losses..not like the wings are crapping the bed,considering the penalties and all...
  14. Lame....what a clusterf***..