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  1. some kid

    some kid

  2. some kid

    Never seen that before...

    duuuude, i had totally forgotten about that part, rage just raced through my veins at the memory, thanks
  3. some kid

    Never seen that before...

    happened to young Cap Backstrom last year. also happened to Wallin a couple years ago when the Canes were playing the Caps, it was a beautiful beautiful thing (still is, despite the karma with Backstrom, ha).
  4. some kid

    Fedorov & Shanahan

    Shanny didn't get along with Babcock ... of course Shanny never really gets along with any of his coaches, so.
  5. some kid

    Whiteout at the Mellon Arena

    No doubt, I have a good friend who's a Pens fan, was at the game and gave me a phonecall, I had to hang up on her because I could not hear a single thing over the other people in the arena. That place is freakin loud. But about a "blackout"--according to Brodeur, the puck can't be seen against a black background, so you will likely not see that. But a gold-out would be something odd to see if nothing else.
  6. some kid

    Franzen Out For The Season

    I'm no professional on these matters, but I would think that if he had "blood on the brain," Franzen would be in the hospital and definitely not participating in light workouts. I don't believe the guy you overhead for a second.
  7. Not a big fan of the *** ones, but I'll give this one to you, it made me probably because it's a little subtle.
  8. some kid

    NBC Weekend game?

    Are you kidding?! NBC has the horse race all day Saturday!
  9. some kid

    Kolzig to replace Hasek?

    The problem with Kolzig is that he does not want to share goaltending duties; he wants to be the clear-cut starter, that's why he's leaving DC. As a Caps fan, it saddens me that he doesn't realize the time has come to take a cut in playing time.
  10. some kid

    2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Totally forgot about that, oops. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. some kid

    2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

    Shouldn't you have used the opposite heads for the Hasek and Cheli one?
  12. some kid


    I believe that the individual leagues deal with the blackouts; if I'm not mistaken, MLB is thinking about changing their restrictions soon.
  13. some kid


    Wow, that's some crazy BS right there. They seriously need to do something about their blackout restrictions, it's absolutely ridiculous, I think that if you don't live within a reasonable driving distance of the team then you should get to watch it on TV ... don't know how they expect to have fans any other way. I know that the fiasco in PA made the Philadelphia Inquirer, so maybe that'll help motivate them to fix it.