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  1. tkachuk could bring a cup

    doesn't matter how good he is - he will NEVER win a cup his presence in the dressing room and on the team has prevented this since the second he came into this league sure, he can score, but he can't get a team to rally behind him... he's a jerk i know this from first-hand, personal experience (watching him play roller hockey with my older brother in a recreation summer competition) tkachuk is poison in the dressing room and he'll never change haha - trust me - you don't want him
  2. The Eagle is landing

    he was - he was even the captain i think hasek left in '93
  3. The Eagle is landing

    neither is chelios, but they both get the job done
  4. Which goalie could become a Wing?

    I must apologize... but that is OFFICIALLY the stupidest thing I've EVER read. lang and schneider are superstars and Nabokov hasn't even proven he can play in this NEW NHL you want to give THEM away for a goalie with worse stats the Belfour? don't quit your day job
  5. The Eagle is landing

    the physical they put him through was apparently pretty brutal.... and i'd go as far as assuming that he passed you & i can thank chelios for the vote of confidence in eddie - the passed him up 4 years ago and i'm beginning to think that they will not follow the same path this time and in regards to the trouble with the law & wife/girlfriend comment - it's a long, personal story and if i posted it here, the Moderators would probably block it... so i'll just say that he never drinks before gameday (and it happened under such circumstances) he never beat his date (not his wife or g/f) he resisted restraint from 4 security guards in the hotel when he was ordered to go back to his room & refused guy's a trooper - works harder than anyone on the team ... first to the rink in the morning, last to leave at night the Wings would be lucky to have him in my humble opinion