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    Web Programming<br />Photography (I'm a Flickr Addict)<br />New Technology Of All Kinds<br />Music Of All Genres<br />Hockey, Hockey And More Hockey<br /><br />Reason I Became A Loyal Detroit Fan:<br />The Great #19 Steve Yzerman

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  1. wingsfan40


  2. wingsfan40

    Tootoo gets his ass handed to him.

    made my day
  3. wingsfan40

    Weekend Picks

    Can't believe I missed last week.... Friday: Ottawa @ Carolina Montreal @ Columbus Atlanta @ Buffalo Dallas @ Anaheim Saturday: Buffalo @ Boston Montreal @ Toronto Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia NY Rangers @ Washington New Jersey @ Detroit Calgary @ Columbus Nashville @ Colorado Florida @ Phoenix Minnesota @ Vancouver Dallas @ San Jose St Louis @ Los Angeles Sunday: Atlanta @ Carolina Calgary @ Chicago Edmonton @ New Jersey Florida @ Anaheim San Jose @ Phoenix
  4. wingsfan40

    worried about ozzie?

    Lets start to worry when there is actually a problem...
  5. wingsfan40

    Weekend Picks

    Friday Anaheim vs Ottawa Philidelphia vs New Jersey NY Rangers vs Columbus San Jose vs Florida Atlanta vs Detroit Los Angeles vs St. Louis Saturday New Jersey vs Philidelphia Atlanta vs Boston Ottawa vs Toronto Anaheim vs Montreal Carolina vs NY Islanders Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers San Jose vs Tampa Bay Los Angeles vs Nashville Columbus vs Minnesota Washington vs Dallas Detroit vs Chicago Florida vs St. Louis Buffalo vs. Colorado Edmonton vs. Vancouver Calgary vs. Phoenix
  6. wingsfan40

    The sky is falling

  7. wingsfan40

    Weekend Picks

    Friday: Phoenix @ Ottawa Toronto @ NY Rangers Nashville @ Columbus Vancouver @ Buffalo Edmonton @ Calgary San Jose @ Anaheim Carolina @ Los Angeles Saturday: Colorado @ Dallas Phoenix @ Montreal Boston @ Ottawa Toronto @ Pittsburgh New Jersey @ Washington Buffalo @ Atlanta NY Islanders @ Florida NY Rangers @ Detroit Minnesota @ Tampa Bay Columbus @ Nashville Chicago @ St Louis Calgary @ Edmonton Philadelphia @ San Jose Sunday: Vancouver @ Chicago Carolina @ Anaheim
  8. wingsfan40

    Happy Birthday Z!

    Happy Birthday Zets!
  9. wingsfan40

    Weekend Picks

    Thanks for putting this on again Aussie, always a great time! Friday: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Chicago @ NY Rangers Florida @ Carolina Montreal @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Nashville @ St Louis Columbus @ Dallas Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto Detroit @ Ottawa St Louis @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Chicago @ Washington Atlanta @ Florida New Jersey @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ Nashville Boston @ Minnesota Columbus @ Phoenix Los Angeles @ San Jose Vancouver @ Calgary Sunday: Phoenix @ Anaheim Colorado @ Edmonton San Jose @ Los Angeles
  10. wingsfan40

    Because we're bored....

    All 5 for me are Kronwall hits
  11. wingsfan40

    Do We Want Chelios Back?

    His time has passed...I say let him go...finally
  12. wingsfan40

    Reebok Stanley Cup Shoes

    Kinda cool....
  13. wingsfan40

    Lids & Oz on The Tonight Show...?

    Can't Wait!
  14. wingsfan40

    Official: Hasek announces retirement

    Dom leaving is great if only Chelly would do the same...