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  1. spydrwebb


  2. spydrwebb

    The Next Move

    Patience is a virtue. DRW brass are not just sitting idle. We'll know soon enough.
  3. spydrwebb

    Should Datsyuk be Traded?

    absolutely not. a certain beastie boys record comes to mind... believe it takes place after paul's boutique.
  4. spydrwebb

    Griffins Select a Pair of Fan Submitted 3rd Jerseys

    first: second:
  5. spydrwebb

    Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    be that as it may, there are far too many cases where people make erroneous reports based entirely on what they are claiming to be "serious", only to later retract their statements altogether as sarcasm when people rightfully point out their ignorance. sarcasm is an art form, not a prostitute.
  6. spydrwebb

    Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    intoxicated batting average > .500 no sense in coming back to reality anytime soon...
  7. spydrwebb

    Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    adding "stoned" to your repertoire... care to go 3 for 3?
  8. spydrwebb


    on any other team, no. on this team, yes. this speaks to our system (like it or not) than anything else. zdh should see the light of day again.
  9. spydrwebb

    Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    yeah, because vinny is definitely standing in line to play for 1.5M
  10. spydrwebb

    Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    good player at the right price, if he can find his way on a line that plays TOGETHER. todd is no longer able to carry but will follow just fine and he sees the ice well. if he can break the penalty-ridden issue that has plagued the last 3 years of his career (or more), he's a steal at 1.5M - good job, kenny!
  11. spydrwebb


    ok, thanks. i'll keep this in mind and appreciate the information.
  12. spydrwebb


    cool... that is a good price for the beertender. best i've seen yet. my buddy was saying that you need to buy new pour tubes every time you change out the mini-keg. is this true? if so, they should provide the tube when you purchase each new mini-keg. should you require new tubes, do liquor stores carry them or are they an item you have to order directly from krups? either way, what's the cost? thanks!
  13. spydrwebb

    Around the league in 30 beers

    damn, i had hoped for a different direction with this thread. what's here is somewhat entertaining but here's what i figured this would be: an inside look at what home-brewed beers to try if you were ever to tour all the arenas within the league. i don't know if that type of thing has been discussed already but if not, i'd really be interested to learn more. i know this would normally be filed under "water cooler" but since i'm responding to a thread already created i didn't feel this question would be out of line. if somebody knows of an existing thread (no matter how old) that takes the concept i've explained above and runs with it, please let me know. if not, feel free to start one if you'd like.
  14. spydrwebb

    Members photos

    what does it mean?
  15. spydrwebb

    Members photos

    yeah, dual monitor concept is ok but that voltron seals it bro. say no more.